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i0nagirl This drain cover brought to you by EJIW. 3y
  •   i0nagirl This is one of my spam bot-targeted images. It's gone from about 12 likes to over 100. It seems that people are crazy about manhole covers these days! @davidbender 2mon
  •   davidbender I can't believe this! 2mon
  •   davidbender I just realized I've never 'liked' this photo. 2mon
  •   i0nagirl Bah! @davidbender don't do it! 2mon
  •   davidbender It's too late! Well, I can unlike it.. 2mon
  •   i0nagirl Hard to believe someone paid this person to shoot Easter services, right? @davidbender 2mon
  •   davidbender This was three years ago! You started from the ground and you are working your way up. Way way up. The sky's the limit. 2mon
  •   i0nagirl Yes, literally, THE GROUND up! @davidbender 2mon

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