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ordinaryfanperson #30daylotrchallenge (part two) - day three: a human. I had to go with King Théoden of Rohan. I just adore the character and the performance by #BernardHill
#KingTheoden #LOTR

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bilbossting THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 200 FOLLOWERS!! Especially to @ahobbitsacorn and @thxrinoakenshield for getting the shoutouts started and for those that did it for me. I am seriously so grateful. Though I have sometimes felt discluded from this fandom, I am starting to feel more welcome! If any of you ever wanna kik, please let me know!!! :) I love making friends or if you need advice, I am here️ seriously
#thelordoftherings #thetwotowers #gandalfthewhite #ianmckellan #bernardhill #theoden

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Normal Daniel Casey

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bilbossting Although I am not a huge fan of Éowyn, I think she has a lot of lovely moments and is a strong character. Also, the reason this theme has been so long is because school has been super busy, and these edits are really great for me to do. Once school is over I am going to try some new things :) #thelordoftherings #thetwotowers #thereturnoftheking #éowyn #théoden #mirandaotto #bernardhill 7d

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tolkienite4ever Good morning Tolkienites

Fighting a terrible cold and feel awful
No fun. Been sick twice this week and lots away from work. Hate that.
Hope you all had and still have a nice weekend QOTD: Saddest moment in LotR?
AOTD: I think maybe this one wins for me. My edit.... no parent should have to bury their child. Being a mom myself I hope I'll never have to. Plus my grandparents had to bury two out of their four children already it's not right.
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dvd_collecter #BoysFromTheBlackStuff #AlanBleasdale
#BernardHill #YosserHughes
#MichaelAngelis #AlanIgbon
#PeterKerrigan #TomGeorgeson #JulieWalters #LordOfTheRings #Titanic #KingThéoden #GizzaJob #ThatcherEra
The series Boys from the Blackstuff follows the stories of the five now-unemployed men who lost their jobs due to the events of the original play The Blackstuff. Set in Bleasdale's home city of Liverpool, and reflecting many of his own experiences of life in the city, each episode focuses on a different member of the group. The series was highly acclaimed for its powerful and emotional depiction of the desperation wrought by high unemployment and a subsequent lack of social support. The series is and was noted by many reviewers as a critique of the Margaret Thatcher era, which was seen as being responsible for the fate of many of the unemployed lower and working classes, particularly in the North of England (and in fact fuelling the North-South divide). By early 1982, unemployment had reached 3 million (some one in eight of the workforce) as a result of economic recession and restructuring of industry.
Indeed the most memorable and poignant of the characters was #YosserHughes, a man driven to the edge of his sanity by the loss of his job, his wife, the authorities' continued attempts to take his children away from him and his constant attempts at salvaging his male pride (often being the main give-away of his insecurity). His catchphrases, "Gizza' job!" and "I can do that!" became part of the popular consciousness of the Eighties, summing up the mood of many who sought desperately for work during the era.

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2w l_o_t_r
Ludwig ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀lord of the rings
l_o_t_r -

“yoυr ғιngerѕ woυld reмeмвer
тнeιr old ѕтrengтн вeттer
ιғ тнey graѕped yoυr ѕword.”


Théoden is such a great character, I love him. Well, I love almost everyone on LOTR tho oops
And I like how this edit turned out though,
What do you guys think?

"Happy" monday, everyone

{#myedit #crisslotredits #LordoftheRings #LOTR #Theoden #BernardHill #Rohan}

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calest_nightstalker "Arise, arise, Riders of Théoden!
Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter!
spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,
a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!
Ride now, ride now! Ride to Gondor!" - Théoden, King of Rohan (The Return of the King)

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cinemaindonesia Morning CI lovers, melanjutkan postingan yang kemarin nih, film yang terakhir berjudul The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003). Bagi rating yaa buat yang pernah nonton 😙 .

Frodo (Elijah Wood) dan Sam (Sean Astin) harus melalui perjalanan panjang dan melelahkan agar bisa mencapai daerah Mordor tempat pembuatan cincin Sauron dibuat. Karena hanya di Mordor, cincin itu bisa dihancurkan. Selama melakukan perjalanan, mereka harus mempercayai seorang makhluk aneh bernama Gollum (Andy Serkis). Gollum merupakan orang yang pernah menyimpan cincin tersebut di masa lalu dan ia berjanji kepada Frodo dan Sam untuk memandu mereka ke kawah Gunung Dom. Sam curiga bahwa Gollum punya keinginan untuk membunuh mereka agar memperoleh kembali cincin tersebut.

Sementara itu, teman-teman sesama hobbit, Merry (Dominic Monaghan) dan Pippin (Phillip Boyd) di bawah perlindungan sekelompok makhluk pohon selama penyihir baik Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen), Legolas (Orlando Bloom) si pemuda elf yang ahli panah, orang kerdil Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) dan raja dari kerajaan Gondor yang harus meninggalkan tahtanya, Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) demi melawan kekuatan kegelapan Mordor, sedang beristirahat di Rohan yaitu kerajaan Raja Theoden (Bernard Hill) dan rakyatnya yang berhasil mengusir pasukan mutan, monster dan binatang Mordor di Help's Deep. Aragorn kini menghadapi tugas berat yaitu menyatukan orang-orang di Middle Earth yang berbeda-beda ras dan negara agar bisa melawan Mordor yang masih kuat walau telah kalah sebelumnya.
Peter Jackson.

Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Astin, Bernard Hill, Dominic Monaghan, Orlando Bloom, Andy Serkis.

201 menit.

IMDB 8.9/10.
Rotten Tomatoes 95/100.

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