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freedomisthesolution "The difference this time [compared to previous stock market crashes] was that the declines were halted by the Federal Reserve's monetary interventions. However, importantly, in both cases, the initial decline led to a sharp bounce before the markets then set new lows.

There Is A Difference

In all cases above, valuations were in expansion mode as shown in the 5-year CAPE ratio above. The difference this time is that valuations are contracting which is more historically coincident with the onset of much deeper reversions.

The sharp "reflexive" rally that will occur this week is likely the opportunity to review portfolio holdings and make adjustments before the next decline. History clearly suggests that reflexive rallies are prone to failing and a retest of lows is common. Again, I am not talking about making wholesale liquidations in accounts. However, I am suggesting taking prudent portfolio management actions to raise some cash and reduce overall portfolio risk.

If the next decline finds support within the confines of the ongoing bull market, equity risk can simply be increased. The penalty for being underexposed initially will be minor within the context of the broader trend.

However, if the six-year bull market did indeed just conclude for now, you will be thankful for having a bit of extra cash in coffers."
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  •   freedomisthesolution "To put a post-crash rally into perspective, let's take a look some previous crashes to see "what happened next." 1987

    After the initial crash in 1987, a 36.4% drop from the peak, the markets immediately bounced back to previous resistance levels, and the began a more normalized decline back to the previous lows.

    This is not surprising as investors caught in the initial plunge are "psychologically traumatized" and look for an opportunity to flee to safety. The subsequent two-year recovery back to old highs became more volatile.


    Very similarly, the crash in 1998, spurred by the "Russian Debt Default", consisted of a 20%+ dive from the previous peak only to find support at the lows from the beginning of the year.

    The initial bounce from the lows failed once again, as investors fled for the "safety" of cash, and new lows were found.

    2010 and 2011

    While the media has been pointing out the similarities of Monday's 1089-point plunge to the May, 2010 "flash crash;" the 2011 "debt ceiling debate" crash is also worth noting.

    As noted, in both cases the markets suffered substantial declines to test previous support levels. The difference this time was that the declines were halted by the Federal Reserve's monetary interventions. However, importantly, in both cases, the initial decline led to a sharp bounce before the markets then set new lows." (CONTINUED BELOW) 5d
  •   freedomisthesolution "The damage in the markets created by the decline since last Thursday, particularly on Monday, is significant. We have noticed 7 amazing facts on Monday August 24th, which will go into history books as another 'Black Monday.' The volatility index VIX registered a 6-year high, spiking 'out of the blue' to levels not seens since the great crash of 2008 / 2009. See the two red circles in the first chart.

    The Dow Jones literally crashed in 3 trading days, a decline not seen in many, many years. The days of the October lows of last year were ugly, but that is nothing compared to the last 3 days. The Dow Jones lost more than 2,000 points in those 3 days, a loss of 11.4% from high to low.

    The standout crash of the day in the U.S. market, when it comes to sectors, was the financial sector, represented by the XLF ETF. That instrument collapsed 21% on Black Monday, not seen before for such a major ETF.

    Surprisingly, XLF closed the day only 4% lower. It seems that some market participants with deep pockets had a 'Green Monday', the ones who bought XLF at the lows, but we are convinced that is only a very select number of participants.

    Meantime, the stock market optimism index has literally crashed to the lowest level since 2001. The chart below shows data going back to 2001, so this could be an all-time low. This week’s correction brought optimism down to levels even lower than the 2008 and 2009 collapse.

    In Europe, things were not different. On the contrary, the German DAX index, the bellwether of European stocks, dipped below its breakout point, which is the announcement of the trillion Euro QE program in January of this year. In other words, all gains booked by the largest montery stimulus program in Europe are erased." (CONTINUED BELOW) 5d
  •   freedomisthesolution "On Black Monday, the price of crude oil continued its collapse. It closed the day below the peak of 1991. In other words, oil is cheaper today than it was 24 years ago! Talking about deflation.

    And meantime, the yellow metal is sitting down, and watching the show. Gold barely moved on Black Monday, there even was an upward bias. And while commodities are crashing, gold is disconnecting from the commodity complex, as seen on the next chart (red circle). What this all tells us: steer clear. Let this market rout work its way out. We will probably get more slicing and dicing before all is said and done. Avoid bottom picking, focus on deep oversold assets, like commodities or gold. Remember the lesson of your first investor class: sell high, buy low." ——————————————————————————READ MORE: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-08-25/black-monday-2015-recap-7-ugly-charts——————————————————————————http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-08-25/correction-over 5d

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pascumiller Porque los amigos son como hermanos
#rubensito #vacaciones #alicante #selfie #Bernanke

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3mon wtcfx
Normal WTC Investments
wtcfx Posted this analysis on Friday June 12th to watch out for 1.2370 resistance level. So far so good the market has tested and failed @ the resistance level, it currently trading @ 1.2290. We will continue to hold on to our short positions @ 1.2340 with stop @ 1.2510. Target 1 @ 1.2010, Target 2 @ 1.1900

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arminghol Didn't get a good pic at graduation but congrats to my bro for everything he's done. Really gonna miss him but I know he's gunna do great things in Europe. Here's to the future best bud!#LSE #Bernanke 3mon

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tiwhelan16 Pontificating the divergence in global monetary policy with my boy Ben #pershinginsite #bernanke 3mon

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kelam 很像在渡假吧? 其實在大熱天下工作很想 #grandhayatt #poolhouse #Bernanke 3mon

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