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cforcaraa Thank you my friend, @jannypenny from the dark side. #onceaKE #bzbg #bbjx #loveyoulongtime #notthatbadtobethirty 1mon

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kero180 beyond the tiananmen gate lies the forbidden city, where no one could enter or leave unless it was under the order of the emperor. it served as the headquarters for the emperors of the last two dynasties of china, the ming and the qing.
i have a huge weakness for chinese historical dramas, so seeing this in person was especially amazing (s/o to #BBJX/#步步惊心/#scarletheart 😎)

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fearlessb506 Baek's role is confirmed! He is gonna act as 10th prince ;; will there be a minghui tho? #EXO #Baekhyun #엑소 #백현 #BBJX #BuBuJingXin #步步惊心 3mon

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fearlessb506 Idk why but instead of 10th prince, I kinda hope baek gets the role for 13th prince xD but if baek does act the role for 10th prince then lucky ruoxi and minghui ;; #EXO #Baekhyun #엑소 #백현 #BBJX #BuBuJingXin #ScarletHeart #步步惊心 3mon

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Normal 변베이비

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swytnightmares Have never been a fan of Disney but since I'm here I shall blend in!
P.S. I think that I look a little like 馬爾泰若曦 from #bbjx with the headband and scarf LOL. I always feel that she looks like Minnie Mouse whenever she dresses pinkish with the headgear and all.
Anyway, #disneylandtokyo #disney #minniemouse ##

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3mon joon_ee417
Normal ♡♡♡ Fi ☆ 배우 이준기♡♡♡
joon_ee417 Lee Joon Ki to Play Lead Role in Remake of Chinese Drama “Moon Lovers”

JiwonYu November 11, 2015

Actor Lee Joon Gi is confirmed to play the main character in the upcoming drama “Moon Lovers.” The actor’s agency Namoo Actors confirmed, “He had received the love call and it was one of the projects he was looking over. There are still some details to work out.” This is a remake of the Chinese drama of the same name, which was very popular when it aired.

Lee Joon Gi will be playing the Emperor’s heir, who does not want to be in the spotlight but is naturally born into royalty. His personality is as cold as ice.

The story plot involves a girl named Jang Hyo, who is in the present time, suddenly traveling back to the historical period.

Actor Kang Ha Neul has also confirmed to star in this drama, and it will start filming as soon as it completes all casting selections. “Moon Lovers” will start airing in the beginning of next year.


#LeeJunki #李准基 #jgshock #actor_jg #residentevil6 #residentevilthefinalchapter #commander_lee #遇见男神 #datemrright #이준기 #밤을걷는선비 #김성열 #scholarwhowalksthenight #夜行书生 #夜を歩く士 #moonlovers #loversofthemoon #bbjx
  •   livina_05 I'll be excited to see your new drama.. 3mon
  •   arlett_yang Omo, yes!!! Can't wait <3 3mon

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3mon joon_ee417
Normal ♡♡♡ Fi ☆ 배우 이준기♡♡♡
joon_ee417 Lee Jun Ki in Talks to Play 4th Prince in K-drama Adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin

Posted on November 10, 2015 by ockoala

Yes, yes, yes! Thank you drama gods for making the K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling with Each Step) seem less like a potential trainwreck right off the bat. The production of Moon Lovers has extended an offer to Lee Jun Ki to headline as the male lead, which would be the character in the original novel and C-drama adaptation of 4th Prince played by Nicky Wu. So much perfection in the casting I can’t even. Lee Jun Ki is getting older and this is a spot on role where he doesn’t have to pretend to be in his twenties and can embrace the hot older male lead glory that is 4th Prince. This is a difficult role to play, and Nicky surprisingly pulled it off to everyone’s shocker, the coldness and distance masking reservoirs of restrained emotional intensity. The character also cries a crap load in towards the end, I remember Nicky talking about how he was dehydrated from so much crapping, and I for one know that Jun Ki can cry like the best of ’em. Make this happen Moon Lovers, even if you have to kidnap Jun Ki-ssshi and drag him to the set.

I believe the K-version of BBJX will be set in the Joseon dynasty but might go the way of The Moon Embraces the Sun, with the creation of fictional royal family members. It also might not have as many princes vying for the throne since Emperor Kangxi’s nearly two dozen sons clearly beyond prolific. If Lee Jun Ki is cast, it’ll be his fourth sageuk in four years, starting with Arang and the Magistrate, The Joseon Gunman, and Scholar Who Walks the Night.


#leejoongi #李準基 #イジュンギ #이준기 #LeeJunki #李准基 #jgshock #actor_jg #commander_lee #4thprince #bubujingxin #bbjx #sageuk
  •   a1voicemjr Thanks so much for posting!! 3mon
  •   lelalismana Opaa love yuo 3mon
  •   misasiyeh O my god o my god this news made my day ,thank a lot 3mon
  •   limgeraldine Another new couple will be created once this drama reveal itself. Cant wait to see who would be his new pairing. 3mon
  •   janettemartinez710 🤗 3mon
  •   laurenciaarita Really hope that the first female lead able has good quality of acting 3mon

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rko111183 第一最好不相见,

#步步惊心 #步步驚心 #若曦 #四爷 #剧终 #ScarletHeart #BuBuJingXin #BBJX #RuoXi #FourthPrince #TheEnd

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ms.kst Happy 45th Birthday to Nicky Wu Qi Long. I first saw this man as a 5 year old girl and thought he was the most handsome man I have ever behold. 20 years later Boss Wu is still my favorite. #tothenext20years #ImInLoveWithShiShisHusband #nickywu #wuqilong #liushishi #siye #bbjx #吳奇隆 3mon
  •   msyouaxiong 45? Wow times goes by fast. He was my sugar suggaa in middle school. 3mon
  •   trend49 WU QI LONG!!! I LOVE HIM 3mon
  •   ms.kst @trend49 love him long time 3mon
  •   trend49 Hope in future i can get a boyfriend look's like him 3mon
  •   ms.kst @trend49 Thank you! The same for you. 3mon
  •   trend49 Hehee 3mon

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