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akimac24 "Libre tu cielo, sola tu estrella, isla doncella, quiero tener, verde luz de monte y mar" #puertorico #puertoricoflag #banderapuertorriqueña #boricua #hastagpuertorico #whateverpuertorico #orgulloboricua #proudtobeboricua 2w

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senorita.boricua La Monoestrellada

The Single Star Flag


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The first design of the Puerto Rican flag is used during a short-lived, famous revolt. It is currently used as the flag for Lares, where the movement took place. “El Grito de Lares” or The Cry of Lares.

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As Spain transfers from kingdom to republic, a new colonial flag is issued, and resembles that of Spain's with the coat of arms of Puerto Rico in the middle of a yellow edge and Latin cross among a red backing. With restoration of the kingdom, the Spanish flag flies again in 1973.

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The idea for the flag is presented, the colors being inverted from the Cuban flag; this also representing Puerto Rico's ties to the other country during the independence movements.

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In New York City, the Vice President of the Cuban Revolutionary Party and an exiled vetern of El Grito de Lares had used the previous flag as that for Puerto Rico, until it was now designed to model the Cuban flag. This design is unveiled and adopted by the 59 Puerto Rican exiles of the Committee. The flag has five equal horizontal bands of red and white alternating; a full blue isosceles triangle along the hoist side is adorned with a five point white star in the center of it.

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With the annexation of Puerto Rico to the United States, the Puerto Rican flag is banned and to display the flag in public is considered a felony. It is seen as defiance and a mark of resistance of the U.S. invasion.

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Bill is passed, Law 53/“Ley de la Mordaza”/Gag Law.  It has now become illegal and is a crime to own or display the flag of Puerto Rico, to sing a patriotic tune of the island, write or speak of independence, or meet or hold an assembly with anyone in favor of the island's independence. It is refused to be declared unconstitutional; though is in violation of both the Constitution of Puerto Rico and Constitution of the United States

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The flag originally designed in 1892 is formally adopted as the official flag of Puerto Rico.

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Law 53, which was in force for nine years, is lifted and deemed unconstitutional.

{photo by @senorita.boricua

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rql.mdna ♪¡Que bonita bandera es la bandera puertorriqueña!♪ #bandera #banderadepuertorico #banderapuertorriqueña #mibandera #lamasbella 2mon

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2mon afcaez
Nashville Abimael Figueroa

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kat.yarie Sigo con el pecho inflao' porque mi patria se deja sentir en su 100x35 🇵🇷 otra puerta con nuestra bandera 🏼 #noche #isleña #puertorriqueña #puertorico #isabela #playajobos #banderapuertorriqueña #visitpr #whateverpr #pashalife #pleaces #100x35pr #backpackingpr 2mon

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Normal Jesus Omar Rivera El Boricuazo
Nuestra bandera tiene 123 años. Hay que recordar estas dos fechas:
11 DE JUNIO 1892 - este día NACIÓ, se IDEÓ, se CREÓ #lamonoestrellada
22 DE DICIEMBRE 1895 - tres años y medio después de creada, un grupo de patriotas puertorriqueños la ESCOGE, la SELECCIONA, la APRUEBA como la Bandera Nacional de #PuertoRico #Boricuazo #Pa'quesetehincheelcorazón #BanderaPuertorriqueña #OrgulloBoricua. Visítanos en nuestra página Boricuazo en Facebook

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