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X-Pro II Gessyka Sordahl
  •   gsordahl @victoriasnow3 I agree! She is so wonderfully talented! :) 3y
  •   tkay_3 Yeah she is!! @ayricka will always be my favorite and only photographer :) 3y
  •   gsordahl @victoriasnow3 Agreed! Now that I found her, no one else will do lol Now, if I could get my 3 boys to enjoy pictures more, that would be wonderful! Haha 3y
  •   tkay_3 Lol boys are stubborn! I'm sure if you bribe them with something they'd enjoy it, that's what I do with Sabrina! Haha 3y
  •   gsordahl @victoriasnow3 They are! Sad thing is, I has to bribe hubby to take these! Lol he dislike pictures, horribly! Haha if I could get him to not be so camera shy, I'm sure the boys would follow suit, they aren't as bad.. Haha 3y
  •   tkay_3 Aw well that's too bad! You guys are a gorgeous couple, tell him it's ok to smile every once on awhile! (: 3y
  •   gsordahl @victoriasnow3 thank you! :) I tell him that all the time! He is such a big scary man haha 3y
  •   tkay_3 Lol! He does look a bit intimidating ! 3y

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