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  •   white_rickross Y not take me with you haha @samporful 8mon
  •   samporful The entire thing or just the m3? I think they pushed alittle too far with there now being an M1,2,3,4,5, and 6 lol. They all look and, I'm sure, drive stunningly because BMW is consistent, but IMO there should've only been a M3,5, and 6. @mattgeo1 8mon
  •   samporful The only M worth the cost though is the F10 M5 for me. It's a supercar in super saloon form. Even the now older e90s and 92s didn't quite hit the spot for me 8mon
  •   samporful The F30s are subtle in looks, but completely diff from the e90-92,93. All around. Everything is changed. The power train I've heard good things about. The turbo 4s and the inline6s they're making. They've already had recalls for transmission parts though so getting the 1st yr f30s wouldn't be ideal, but of course they take care of their customers and fix stuff like that. Bmws have always depended strongly on tech savvy transmissions so I'm not surprised. Not bad looking cars tho @mattgeo1 8mon
  •   samporful As for me? Would NOT buy for the sheer fact that I feel as if too many changes were made so how it'll fail or break is unknown. I'd go for the last gen e90 after ALL development was done and it was pretty much perfected 8mon
  •   samporful @mattgeo1 Man I'm the same way these days. That's why I've learned to appreciate performance cars that work well for a long time. I'll soon sell the 36 to finance a 46M. Gotta keep mods at a minimum. 8mon
  •   samporful Haha well she'll be for sale in alittle over a year if you're ever lookin. Would prob have an S52 by then and all lol 8mon

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