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artondra Neb time. I hate having Asthma. I feel icky and I cannot breathe properly. I would like to make more people aware of this illness and the impact it has on people's lives. Trying to do a photo project with auto bios of peripheral who have Asthma. Tell your story today. #Asthma #nebulizer #albuterol #sick #cantbreathe #findacure #asthmaphotopeoject 3y
  •   artondra Photos of people who have Asthma. Nebs make it hard to use my phone. Hands get shaky 3y
  •   thaoriginalgata Awww I'm so sorry . I've dealt with my oldest and my grandsons with asthma. 3y
  •   wallart1 I hate having asthma tooo cant go no where lol 3y
  •   artondra Love this picture? Check out my gallery at http://instacanv.as/artondra 2y

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