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antti_pulkkinen Puu-Käpylä on mitä miellyttävin ympäristö pitää kokouksia. Työn tunne häviää tehokkaasti. Wooden Käpylä is such a nice place to have meetings. Don't feel like working. #Helsinki #arkkitehtuuri #puukäpylä #käpylä #puutalo #puutalot #Architecture #woodenhouse #woodenhouses #archdaily #finland #architecturephotos #architecturelovers #architectureinhelsinki 2h

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  •   s.a.n.n.e.l.i.n.a Sopii hyvin tuo oranssi retropyöräkin tuohon kuvaan. Kuin suoraan jostain 1970-luvulta 35min

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jamessilvermanphoto #VillaAstrid #Sweden
Photography is by myself please don't blog or Pinterest these images only accepting reposting in Instagram if mentioning my credits


magazines can buy images @ www.jamessilverman.co.uk/imagelibrary

Words: Abby Trow

Building a spacious villa on a rocky outcrop on Sweden’s west coast would have proved mission impossible for many architects. But for Gert Wingårdh it was an opportunity to bring out the dynamite.

It certainly was a challenge. A 700 sq m plot set amidst steep rock, on which the owners wanted to build a large, light and airy two-storey villa overlooking the rugged coastline south of Gothenburg.
Stringent planning rules relating to height meant the most likely outcome would be a single-storey property. So the owners turned to award-winning architect Gert Wingardh, who is an ingenious thinker not easily fazed by regulations.

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19h gsebooks
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gsebooks Red-y to flicker 19h

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