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  •   abz1213 Naw, it's not that cool. I used to do a lot of work for another company (that shall not be named ) doing tahitian style marine life. Basically tribal looking sharks, turtles, whales, tako etc with other animal shapes hidden inside them. Fun stuff but it broke my brain. Haha, poor Guy. 4y
  •   saltwaterbee @abz1213 lol... well i bet it was still nice, your stuff is sooo nice! i am really inspired. (heart) 4y
  •   abz1213 So sweet. Thanks, girl. You know I love your stuff too! 4y
  •   saltwaterbee @abz1213 :) i actually wanted to get some i'iwi's tattooed connected my shoulder birdie. love birds! especially hawaiian ones. :) 4y
  •   saltwaterbee oh yeah btw Thank You! (( brain fart )) 4y
  •   abz1213 Ooo sounds good. Do it girl! 4y

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