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the_skatenerd Disclaimer: Skateboarding is subjective, this is all in good fun, and there is no winner.

Welcome fellow skate nerds to another installment of #WhichTrickDoYouPick!? In this segment, we have Billy Marks (@billy_marks) from "Good and Evil" and Andrew Elliott (@andrewelliott) from "Happily Divided". They both did insane Pop Shove-its down the Wilshire 15 stair, but the question still stands...which trick do you pick?! Tag your pick and let the world know whose trick you like the best!

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the_skatenerd Andrew Elliott @andrewelliott from @satellite_13 "Happily Divided" (2005) : Chad Bowers

I ran this shit HARD on my Myspace 10 years ago! Flatground Caballerials are tight, and I'm a total sucker for Rilo Kiley. If you've never seen this part, YouTube it now or forever hold your peace! #TheSkateNerd #SkateNerd #AndrewElliott #HappilyDivided #VX1000 #RiloKiley

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