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teacatmovie 電影《百萬種硬的方式》#經典台詞
有時候女孩子要經歷幾個混球,才知道什麼樣的人才是好人 。
Sometimes a girl needs to get a few assholes out of her system before she realizes what a good guy looks like.

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leafsbabyxo Throwback to Charlize on the set of A Million Ways To Die In West I still can't believe it's gonna be 2 years since that movie came out on May 30th #TBT #CharlizeTheron #AMillionWaysToDieInTheWest #MyFavourite #LoveHer #ThrowbackThursday 2d

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A million ways to die in west

很荒謬又好笑 但有點血腥

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waltvanderwalt A million ways to die in the west is honestly one of my favourite movies.. #amillionwaystodieinthewest 6d

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tanda_kinda_things I was actually the lead actor in #amillionwaystodieinthewest but had to pass, that shit is too hilarious for me lol 1w

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score_that_film A Million Ways to Die in the West Movie Review


Directed by: Seth Macfarlane
Starring: Seth Macfarlane, Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson, Neil Patrick Harris, Giovanni Robisi
Rating: R

Score: 6.0/10

A Million Ways to Die in the West is the second feature film from Seth Macfarlane, and after the success of Ted, expectations were high for this film. This film was blasted by critics and most fans alike out of the gate, and it did nowhere near the numbers Ted did. However, as a fan of Macfarlane, I did find some enjoyment in this film for what it was, and I think this film got a little too much hate then it deserved.

The cast is full of recognizable names, and everyone is good for what they are going for. I really liked Charlize Theron in this movie, and her and Macfarlane had surprisingly decent chemistry. Liam Neeson is good but underused. Neil Patrick Harris has some really funny moments. Giovanni Ribisi steals the scenes he is in. My only complaint is Sarah Silverman. Not a big fan, and she's really overcooking it in this one.

Let's dive in to the script, which is really hit-or-miss for me. I feel like Macfarlane and his writers thought of 10-15 really funny jokes about the old west, so they decided to make a full length film out of it. The story is very plain and clear cut, with the main objective to hit you with joke after joke after joke. Unfortunately, a lot of the jokes are carried on far too long, and some of the more juvenile humor really didn't work for me.

Comedies are a unique genre for me, because you can have a stupid story and little to no character build up, but if you make me laugh consistently, your movie still technically succeeds. This is in no way a good, well made film. But, I have to say I was entertained from start to finish, and the jokes hit consistently enough for me to say I enjoyed the film.

Overall, A Million Ways to Die in the West is not a well made or a perfectly written film, but it did make me laugh enough to recommend it to fans of Macfarlane or anyone who catches it on tv. This is one of those weird movies that I enjoy, but can't quite I really like.

#amillionwaystodieinthewest #sethmacfarlane
  •   movie_lover_nick I feel like this is a pretty funny movie. Maybe the biggest issue is McFarlane casting himself as the lead. He's decent but people would probably like this movie a lot better if someone else were cast. 1w
  •   score_that_film @movie_lover_nick I agree with you as far as general audiences go. I personally like Seth Macfarlane, but he's definitely a controversial dude. Seeing him on the poster and stuff front and center probably turned a lot of people off. 1w

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