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brianbakerphoto American Machine by Brian Baker

You say that nobody knows you

When lizards know you

They know your looks, your ways, your scene

So start trending online, son

Because that’s cool in society today, right?

Just to make you fall in line

And make a citizen out of you

With the American machine

They’ll make you a social disease

Fall away from the truth “Wait, where’s my phone? Gotta check what’s trending.” Most media today will make your eyes bleed

Because it’s probably better if you don’t see the world today

They’ll make you post hateful things to those who hate the American machine

Just like generations has done before you

You must control yourself

Check that book on the shelf

Might be dusty but every word is true

Know that there is a higher purpose in life

Than to stoop down to the lizards pit

Lizards will try to control you from birth

Into the American machine

#Poem #Poems #ChristianPoems #Christian #Christians #LizardPeople #Politics #Politicians #America #American #AmericanSociety #SocialMedia

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favouredaxe703 But rent isn't theft at all, AAtLP.

The old man owned land.
The old man put some of that out for rent.
The young man wanted to rent that land.
They make a deal.
The young man pays the old man as agreed upon.

Taxation, on the otherhand, is theft.
Especially the income tax.
Which the citizens of by then and now had no part in creating.. Are taxes a necessary evil?
If you want a state.
But the taxes you pay should correlate with the size of the state.
Which is why it should be kept very small, but that's another topic for another day.

Seriously, AAtLP.
What you have presented is a false equivalence.
You fucking retards.

#libertarian #liberal #conservative #anarchy #anarchist #liberty #freedom #politicalcorrectness #politicalincorrectness #America #americanpolitics #Americansociety #American #politics #society #taxes #taxation #taxationistheft #egalitarian #egalitarianism #americansagainstthelibertarianparty #fullretard #libertariansocialism #falseequivalency #falseequivalence

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amersociety Cool will never be defined by conformity, only by uniqueness. #bedifferent #americansociety 6d

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  •   donttread_onany1 saargon also says that they can't be reasoned with/ has given up on trying to convert leftys. i haven't tolerated them for a long time either, i wish this world was full of people who valued reason logic and evidence as much as i do, but the evidence is otherwise, it is illogical to engage in a debate with a leftist wherein you try to help them with reason and evidence, their goal is always to emotionally manipulate you and silence you. it would be like using meditation to win an mma bout, it can help in your training but not in the octagon. 1w
  •   favouredaxe703 Well, I guess that's where you and I differ. I've never been a fan of only surrounding myself I agree with. One of my closest friends is a Sanders supporter and we bump heads with each other constantly. How else can I get the better understand the different ideologies across the political compass? One peice of the puzzle is not the full picture. @donttread_onany1 1w
  •   donttread_onany1 i still study my enemies... but they are my enemies, and engaging them in a conversation, tips my hand. these aren't rules i chose, these things i learned from the left 1w

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amersociety Don't follow society's standards, be unique #bedifferent #americansociety 1w

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amersociety Only four square walls hold us back from our true potential. Don't think inside or outside of the box, think beyond it. #americansociety 2w

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amersociety Don't follow society's lead, #bedifferent #americansociety 2w

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amersociety The happiest people are often those who stand out the most. Instead of trying to imitate uniqueness, create your own unique identity. #bedifferent #americansociety 2w

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amersociety Don't be like any number people. Don't be American X, be original. #bedifferent #americansociety

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