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lds_power07 While going through some old Stuff i Came By this Beautiful post That was posted when i had a competition and it just Amazes me How I can be the shyest person sometimes but Yet my Voice and along with my heart and thy holy spirit. Ive Came across ways to help others and inspire them with the gospel. Thank You for This post and thank you too all those who post and comment such great things About our account. I Love You bery much and heavenly father loves you even more. ️ The reason why i do the things i do Is because I Love You " - #ldspower07 #amazingposts 4d
  •   lds_ever_after12 Oh my gosh. Thank you so much! I'm glad that you came past this old post of mine. I appreciate all you guys do for me as well as everyone else. Much love @lds_ever_after12 2d

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