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actual_german I missed you dudes so much!! Glad I'm back!! admin has a announcement!! (Admin: ello!! So I was thinking this can be a germany and america account I'll switch off every other day so we all get our piece Eh?) Ya dude that sounds good!! So now I'm officially back me and Germany together!! Highfive dudes!!

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_iggy_brows_ The rain pelted down on the open field. It was dark and cold. The mood of the scene matched the mood of the events that day. Earlier that day, someone had lost something dear to them. Something they loved. Someone they loved. But not in a romantic sense. They lost the person they raised. Well, one of many...but this was the one he was closest to. His favorite, if you will. They had started revolting for reasons unknown to him. He treated them better than the others he was raising so when they started a war against him, he was really surprised and a more than a little bit hurt. When it was all over he was left in the rain alone, crying. After a while they came back, alone this time, their army wasn't with them. They kneeled down and wrapped their arms around him. That's when it happened. They kissed him. They pulled away and said one thing. "This is why I had to become independent. I'm not a child anymore and I needed you to see that because...because I love you, Arthur." Then they did it again, but this time with more force, more passion. Arthur despised him now. He was doing this to mock him. Adding insult to injury. He didn't understand that he was being serious. At first he tried to break free of the other's grasp but they weren't letting him so he did the only other thing he could do. He kissed back with an overpowering amount of passion. However his was not a loving passion it was a hateful passion. He hated Alfred Jones. He hated this war, this field. He hated the weather that was covering their disgusting lecherous act of love and hate. .
((Open rp for an America!!! Obviously it's starting off as angsty smut. But afterwards I was thinking it would time skip to a more recent time and Alfred could be trying to woo Arthur but Arthur already likes him, but every time he thinks about that what happened here would come to his mind and he'd hate it. And yeah.... Just... Open rp for and America.)) #usuk #ukus #america #us #usa #england #britain #uk #iggy #arthurkirkland #alfredfjones #hetalia #OPENRP

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Normal Lillian

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actual_german "Sup dudes!!! I just wanted to say wassup! How are ya'll doing? Hope Germany has treated you well and hasn't killed you with potatoes!!!" Vhat?!!! Potatoes are delicious! "Ya okay dude.."

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54min think.anime
Video Daydreamer
think.anime Alfred F. Jones
Username : captain America
Height : 5'9
Favorite color : red ( I used 2 characters from hetalia )
Alfred is a very energetic person that eats alot, and has super strength. He lives in America with his older brother matt.

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//I really wanna make some feels-y Hetalia edit, but I'm probably gonna end up crying myself

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Normal ☻…☻…ⓗⓔⓛⓛⓞ…☻…☻
homestuckxhetalia 3 messages on Tumblr this week and not very friendly. -
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anothercoloramerica ★ R⃞P⃞ R⃞U⃞L⃞E⃞S⃞

{| I know everyone seems to find these hella annoying, but, I'm not very picky when it comes to writing styles and such— I'm honestly just happy to have someone to Roleplay with! Most of these should apply to me. |}

1. I'd prefer if you didn't tag me multiple times in an RP if I haven't responded yet; It blows up my notifications and I will always get around to responding IF I feel like it.

2. That brings me to another topic, I am not entitled to HAVING to RP with you if I don't want to.
Though, I doubt this will ever happen because all of you are perfect. ily

3. Text talk ( '*Sits Down*' '//Sits Down//' '-Sits Down-' ) is always welcomed! All I ask is that you make your character's dialogue obvious, since I'm pretty dumb and I can't see the difference between the two sometimes.

4. I really don't care if your reply isn't a whole page long or something, I'd much rather have a short RP rather than sending Harry Potter books back and forth.

I don't see why people seem to have some sort of natural born hatred for OCs, when not all of them are horrible Mary Sues and Gary Stues.



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_hetalia_confessions_ Confession:
At one point, I hated Hetalia because it reminded me that I wasn't friends with this one girl anymore who I treated like a sister. However at the same time, I couldn't hate it because it's also the reason why I smile and why I have so many good, loyal friends that I love dearly and would hate to see get hurt. Internet friends and non internet friends.
@lovely_brits_ ~
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