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prepperagenda On this day, #imthankfulfor #alexjones and infowarslife.com for waking me up to the truth in this world and providing nutraceuticals. The #1 #prep to me is #knowledge without that, you will always be a day late and a dollar short. You can have the perfect #Prepper plan but if you don't know; how money works, geo politics, geo engineering, social engineering, #gmo foods, etc. then all your #preparing could be for nothing. For example; investing your money in your 401k or stocks, then a crash comes, did you have the knowledge to take it out? Or preparing beyond 72 hours or 30 days, what if our power plants were attacked (an actual plan ISIS has), do you have a #PrepperAgenda to deal with that for yourself and your family. Having the knowledge is the key, knowing what the elite are doing is the guide. And I don't mean the guy with 20 subways, but the Global Elite who build 17 million dollar #bunkers (look it up) so when someone tells you, that you are crazy for believing in #preparednessawareness say you are crazy like the Super Rich, lol. Don't just #prep #supplies but prep your mind as well. #happythankgiving everyone and be #Reddie for anything. 19h
  •   jeffcrazyass Check out dahboo77 freedom fighter2127 on YouTube bro 18h
  •   prepperagenda @jeffcrazyass oh I know dahboo7, dahboo77, and dahboo777 aka jknight very well, lol. I watch them all, some more than others. Information is key to my Agenda bro. But definitely good looking out. Gotta keep on spreading and sharing truth. 18h
  •   jeffcrazyass Check out the deep survival place bro I know the dude personally I even order from there good shit thou bro 18h
  •   prepperagenda @jeffcrazyass on YouTube? 18h
  •   jeffcrazyass Naw bro the post I posted up last night about medical gear. 18h
  •   prepperagenda @jeffcrazyass oh I will in the future, I don't have any medical skills right now. Trying to take this firstaid course from the Red Cross soon to gain knowledge. 18h
  •   jeffcrazyass @prepperagenda you got it bro 18h
  •   cardknives Awesome post 17h

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infowarsteam If you’re an energy drink fan, you may want to listen up. A new study published in JAMA reports even one energy drink can make your body react in a way you may least expect.

How Your Body Reacts to Energy Drinks

The study looked at the effect consuming just one 16-ounce can of a leading energy drink had on basic, vital functions. [1] The findings? Blood pressure jumped an average of 6.6 points within thirty minutes of consuming the beverage, and norepinephrine–a stress hormone–increased by 75%! That’s interesting because norepinephrine increases the production of cortisol, a fat-storing hormone. Who drinks an energy drink hoping it’ll make their body store more fat?

Natural Ways to Support Energy

There is a huge marketing effort at work that’s trying to convince you that energy drinks will make you feel sharper and more focused and that your daily performance will be enhanced. This is totally bogus. Most energy drinks are just an overpriced sugar bomb with an obnoxious label contrived by an investment group who heard “energy drinks” were a hot market. Don’t fall for it.

If you need more energy, or you’re trying to overcome being tired, energy drinks are not the smart approach. First, are you getting enough sleep? If you’re operating on a sleep deficit, an entire pallet of energy drink isn’t going to do anything but amplify your misery. The stimulation is short lived and followed by a crash — forget it. Second, what’s your diet like? A living, raw food diet that is high in nourishing fats, protein, and complex carbohydrates is important for providing true energy.

Read more at http://www.infowars.com/this-is-what-happens-to-your-body-after-an-energy-drink/

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frihetsverige #stefanlöfven #bilderberg #jacobwallenberg #bilderberggroup #infowars #svpol #migpol #alexjones

Jacob Wallenberg; som bjöd in Steffe personligen till Bilderberg 2013; är även en utav de ledande bakom detta strejkbrytar/folkutbytar-projektet från näringslivet & diverse globalist-centraliserande filantroper: http://www.valkomnandesverige.se/


Jacob Wallenberg avgudar internationellt centraliserade maktorgan & hatar den lokala självbestämmanderätt i det geografiska närområdet som nationalstaten utgör; http://www.svd.se/wallenberg-vi-borde-vara-mer-oroliga-for-brexit
  •   verolina74 Hmmmmmm men jag förstår ändå inte varför en sådansom JW (ej att förväxla med jehovas ) vill förstöra det svenska traditionella, varför? Han känns som en åt mycket höger... 22h
  •   frihetsverige @verolina74 vet ej dom är mystiska Wallenberg xD för dom verkar ju gilla Sverige & vill ha en massa verksamhet här som gör Sverige rikt osv, men samtidigt så verkar dom inte ha mycket till övers till Sverige gällande många andra aspekter.. :p 21h
  •   frihetsverige INVESTOR & Wallenberg-sfären äger 47% av svenska börsen (skojar ej kolla upp) så dom e ju uppenbarligen förtjusta i Sverige.. Men samtidigt så verkar dom ej bry sig om nationell självbestämmanderätt folk & kultur å sådär spc mycket 21h
  •   frihetsverige Dom har ju stort samröre med allehanda globalistiska social-ingenjörer filantroper & världsregerings-aspirerande stollar så jag fattar ej grejen riktigt 21h
  •   verolina74 Jamen jag vill ju skicka dig den där länken som är på många sidor...men går ju inte här... Om Bilderberg och JW samt andra tokar... Israel-SD vänlig... Jajaj när jag har ork skall jag ladda in länken här får du coppa den mot dator.. 21h
  •   verolina74 Synnerligen märkligt när de är så blåblodiga😐konstigt....förstår inte riktigt...kanske en av anledningarna varför de agerar som de gör 21h
  •   frihetsverige @verolina74 ja länka gärna :)) 20h

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lordess.foudre Don't you hate it when you spill money all over your brand new Givenchy carpet?

By me.

#vaporwave #seapunk #windows95 #vhs #glitch #gay #lesbian #art #trash #corset #leather #shiny #alexjones #conspiracy #bedroom #aesthetic #fashion

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misterchuck719 Seriously Muslims. Don't laugh, don't smile. Just DON'T be happy. Or Alex Jones will believe you're thinking about terrorism

#donaldtrump #nevergofulltrump #infowars #alexjones #picsoritdidnthappen #islam #muslims #islamophobic #xenophobic #nevergofullretard
  •   el_el_2382 Hahahaha 1d
  •   misterchuck719 @el_el_2382 I feel terrible for this woman though. Donald Trump and info wars saying she's celebrating 9/11 when we don't know what the hell is going on 1d

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vincent_bernard_aka_vin1 People don't ever overrthink around me because thats cause health problem from a human deadly ass vibration aka vibe I like to chill and relax around people not mad and upset elevation is the key to eternal life no more pain by Vincent Bernard aka Vin1 #vh1 #enlightenment #goodvibe #jesus #buddah #allah #parishilton #arianagrande #3rdeye #vh1 #mtv #dontoverthink #relax. #alexjones #presidentobama #famous #fawwwkumean #credomutwa #brainwashed #realityshow #realitytv 2d

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blackflycorey When #conspiracy theories go wrong

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  •   cardknives Stunning 2d
  •   blackdesertcat Look, the problem with this fucking clown is he said all this shit but didn't mean any of it and all his actions went the other way. That's why the new generation thinks he was all that but he hurt this country bad with all his crookedass shit. So please... 2d

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  •   headbro Cool! 2d
  •   cardknives This is terrific 2d
  •   superessestraps Random question but thought you might have some good advice.. What would be a useful but small medical item to add to micro first aid kit? 2d

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