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this looks like crap compared to others omg I'm so sorry matthew-

I honestly want to edit other stuff but I'll just make this row potrait with similar techniques (I'll delete gemma one I'm so sorry bby you're beautiful I'll edit you more later)

This is obviously a mix from "lost stars" and "the girl on fire one", the technique I mean-

I choose these colors because of Izzy's saying about cobalt blue. "It's very Alec", she said. xD

And damn of course every malec shipper has that one point where they imagine alec being immortal in the future. WHO'S WITH ME I'M NOT READY OF ANGST AND SHIT FROM MALEC PLS

I didn't smoothen (?) his freckles etc. thoughh because of symbolism, I'm so sorry I'm too lazy to type in the symbolism right now omg

I'm certainly loving the edges on his neck downwards though, it gives out a movie poster vibe x'D

By the way comment if you want to get tagged it'll be real serious this time I promise I'll tag you guys x'D [ #themortalinstruments #tmi #alexanderlightwood #alec #malec #shadowhunters #manipulation #photomanipulation #movie #book #matthewdaddario ]

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