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  •   ___jermaine Faggot? But you getting mad? If you say they real they real but you really getting hurt? 2y
  •   ___jermaine There wasn't a blue mars aj 4 2y
  •   ___jermaine Boy so them blue4's is fake. That's why you got all emotional wit yo wanna be sneaker self! Yea I did the research boy! The only blue 4's were the military blue ones. The only mars 4's were the fire reds! Which were called Mars Blackmons when they came out. So don't try to go when there is a fake in there! Boy!!! 2y
  •   sammyismail Really?? Those are MotorSport 4's faggot....$10,000+!!!!!! A little out of your price range. You keep making yourself sound stupid as fuck! Get the fuck outta here already, with your general release sneaker knowledge 2y
  •   sammyismail @theghostface ...I know...those are the idiots I deal with daily... 2y
  •   sammyismail @theghostface ha...I love those decks...Supreme x Damien Hirst 2y
  •   myke155555 @sammyismail I guess they are motorsports lol out of my price range 2y
  •   sammyismail @myke155555 I don't have them any more, though. I wish I could find a pair in my size. 2y

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