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Normal doreecebennett
  •   doreecebennett @__ig__ The artist series dropped a few weeks ago... Just shipped. Only released 25 of these packs were made 3y
  •   drewwdrewww Who knows a website to get quickstrike sbs? 3y
  •   shoe.wolf Jealous 3y
  •   joeybuzz @doreecebennett I tried to get these off franks website and just missed. Got 2 pair of the green and 1 of each of the other 2. #youtheman #dweezy 3y
  •   whosdelvney I want the artist series ended up getting the normal ones instead 3y
  •   doreecebennett @shoe_wolf I hear ya man... I didn't pay retail (unfortunately), but certainly didn't pay what people are asking on eBay. Was stoked to add them to the collection! 3y
  •   jonlflint Sick!!! 3y
  •   solesensei Dope 3y

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