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southwest_atheists This was originally an @_atheist_ post, but I wanted to make my own version so I drew this. A thing most people don't know about me, I'm a classically trained singer and artist. I did classical music choir in public school, one of the best programs in Southern California, and I still draw.
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  •   indie_omg @southwest_atheists yeah, I generally don't worry about quality of my posts XD as they say you are your worst enemy though 53min
  •   southwest_atheists @indie_omg it's so true. I just post so little of my art, I mean, you know my personal is a different story, but on here, yeah. I want it to be good. 52min
  •   indie_omg @southwest_atheists that's perfectly understandable. You should make a drawing account 50min
  •   southwest_atheists @indie_omg maybe I should. It'd probably get my confidence in my craft up. At least on paper. I'm fine with my body art. A body art account would be cool though. 49min
  •   indie_omg @southwest_atheists I've never done body art. The only thing closest is drawing on myself XD 31min
  •   southwest_atheists @indie_omg I've done both, but I draw on myself a lot more. I think that the crows I posted a few weeks ago were some of my favorites. 30min
  •   indie_omg @southwest_atheists I'm thinking of trying to do make up, to be a make up artist? That kind of thing XD 29min
  •   southwest_atheists @indie_omg you mean like special effects make up? Really cool. I've made prosthetics out of wax before, rose thorns, but I've never worked with silicon or anything like that. 28min

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