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Normal SujiEeeeeeeee :)
sujpuj03 Come sit with me a while in this place that I call grief,

A place that is dense with guilt, sadness and unbearable pain,

Where things you should or shouldn’t have said haunt you

And things you did or didn’t do rip your heart apart.

Come sit with me a while and feel the suffocating remorse.

Remember the pain in the eyes of the persecuted,

The one who felt she had nowhere to turn in her hour of need,

The one who saw no other way to end her anguish.

Come sit with me in this place of self-reproach and torture,

A place of failure and helplessness, nostalgia and longing.

Suffering silently to protect her family from her pain.

Watch her give her last sweet hugs to her mum, dad, brothers and her little pup,

Watch her showcase her utmost love to everyone

Watch her find comfort in a needle of death,

Watch her sink into total oblivion; a permanent solution

Watch as we were all left with confusion, shock, sadness and anger,

Come sit with me and view the future that will never be,

A future void of her laughter, her hugs and her love,

Come sit with me and struggle to hold this mask in place,

A mask that smiles and says, “Hey, I’m fine,” Even when you are dying inside and want to scream, “No, I’m not fine at all. Can you really handle the truth?” Come sit with me a while in this place that I call grief

And try to tell me that time is a healer.

When you sit with me in this invisible place, you will know that grief after a beautiful soul's suicide is eternal.... and one that can change you forever.

RIP Abbi Ma. Goodbye angel.... #family #relatives #friends #students #adolescents #depression #mentalIllness #mentalhealth #suicide #restInPeace #restInParadise #live #love #laugh #smile #hugs #angel #fly #butBeNear
#poem #poetry #internet #revised #grief #loss #awareness #qotd #quotes

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ozzydk818 Disclaimer: i havent touched a skateboard since i was like 12. I like #metallica (seek and destroy) and i listen to basically every pre-#offspring skate punk band ever tho (sometimes offspring too) so that would fit perfectly for me if i ever did a cover album (metallica:garage inc, #slayer:undisputed attitude #overkill:coverkill etc.) Id use this as the album cover i guess 14h

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crawlspacebk Sat. morning tuneage. Great record. Listening to ADOLESCENTS always makes me homesick... #buenapark #oclife #adolescents 17h

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punk_rock_nation "Near the beginning is where we start. Stuck together not blown apart. Love is a weapon in your hand. Unholy war in high demand. Magnetic distraction cat and mouse. Strapped together playing house. Ten second warning of what’s in store. Love is a battle, love is war. Love is a weapon in your hand. Unholy war in high demand. Ten second warning of what’s in store. Love is a battle, love is war. Torn apart, Ricochet…"-#RicochetHeart #LaVendetta #Adolescents #TonyCadena #SteveSoto #FrankAgnew #JohnODonovan #PeterPan #DanRoot #IanTaylor #GilbertPicardo #MikeCambra #SoCalPunks #Fullerton #hardcorepunk #punkrock #SkatePunk #punkmusic #classic #punkpassion #influentialmusic #punk_rock_nation 18h

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marvintoxicated To go back in time #punkrock #adolescents 6mon

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1d lakwtrs
Slumber Candy Boerwinkle
lakwtrs These kids are going to move mountains. #adolescents #hiking #momlife 1d

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billie_gomez Me encontre con los #AlltheHats entre la coleccion de discos de Adrian, entre discos de #Biohazar #Atthedrivein #BoomBoomKid #TheClash #DeadKennedys #Adolescents #Loquero.... 1d

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caustic_kev Early birthday gift from dom. Fingers crossed for milo goes to college haha. #records #vinyl #adolescents #punk #punkrock #bandshirt #birthday 1d
  •   kid_comfy Check out my Soundcloud link in Bio! :D 1d

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victorjimenezsd Taking my oldest daughter Evelyn Victoria to her first concert ever. "Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens" #sandiego #adolescents #teenageangst 1d

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econojamrecords And some great used stuff hitting the shelves ! #desire #d+ #philelvrum #adolescents #killrockstars #minutemen #screamers #vinyl 2d
  •   blkln That golden palomino's Thas MY Sheeeeiit!! such an important record for me I buy a copy everytime I see it for a decent price 2d

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dr.halkett More Diabetes Drugs Needed for Pediatric Patients.

Type 2 diabetes is a relatively new disease in pediatrics. Doctors have been accustomed to treating what we call "juvenile diabetes," but in the 1990s we began to realize that children could have the same kind of diabetes that adults have, namely type 2 diabetes. This is directly related to the problem with obesity that we are seeing in our children around the world.

Unfortunately, we have limited options in how we treat pediatric patients with type 2 diabetes. There are some treatments that work early in the course of the disease, but as time goes on, you need additional therapies to maintain the kind of control that we'd like to see.

Specifically, we have come to rely on the drug metformin. Many people know this as Glucophage, and it has become the standard of care for patients with type 2 diabetes in pediatrics. In fact, metformin does really well in the beginning. However, a large study from the National Institutes of Health that was completed about a year and a half ago looked at adolescents with type 2 diabetes who were treated with metformin early in the course of the disease, and within 3 or 4 years, about half of them were unable to maintain good diabetes control, even at maximum doses. Traditionally, we would add insulin, which is the only other drug approved for treating type 2 diabetes in youth. But in this population, for a variety of reasons, insulin therapy really does not solve the problem.

If all of the stakeholders involved in the treatment of pediatric diabetes (including pharmaceutical industry representatives and regulatory agency directors) work together, then novel solutions can be found that provide real solutions to the problems we currently face in providing the best possible care to youth with this difficult-to-manage condition.

Source: William Tamborlane. Medscape. Nov 07, 2014.

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