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Although it’s a “low-tech” building, its construction clearly had its challenges. In terms of the process the whole building was prefabricated then taken down and brought up in pieces. This included the heavy steel frame, which had to be helicoptered in parts and hovered over the exact spot on the site to be dropped in with precision. Builder Trygve Øvstebø, who lived in a tepee on site during the week and was helicoptered home at weekends, with his construction companion, Norwegian black Elkhound Castor, is characteristically modest about his valiant efforts in sub zero temperatures.
“I work outside all year and have done since I was 15,” he shrugs. “But no one has built such a structure like this before in an area with such extreme weather conditions. However we managed to solve any challenges using our knowledge of the area and a close working relationship with the architects and engineers at Snohetta,” says Øvstebø.
Øvstebø, who himself lives on a farm 18 kilometres away from the cabin, admits that he has skied over the structure since he completed it. This is quite an endorsement and testament to the integrity of the structure, which has to withstand whipping winds and snow that can sometimes be 8 metres deep

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