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aaronimanuel Tegal Wangi beach. One of my favourite beach in Bali. It has nothing touristy there but the dramatic cliff and sparkling white sand beach. 3d

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aaronimanuel Looking 4d

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aaronimanuel Traditional way of opening the land they said. It's happening right now everywhere in Indonesia. Traditions aren't always in harmony with the nature

Thank God, despite of this frowning scene, there were bunch of new trees were planted today by locals.

What do you think about this? Should we just exhibit the nicest part of our nature or spice things up by posting such ironic picture to also raise awareness of our fragile tropical ecosystem? #LifeOnEarthWWIM13 #wwim13 #wwim13manado #instameet #earthday

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Life on Earth is all about water. Life started in the ocean billions of years ago. The seven major oceans cover roughly 70% of our Earth's surface and indeed this makes our planet looks very distinctive from the outer space.

Where did the abundant water came from? Well, it's mostly from our land. Thanks to the minerals that our water carried along the way to the ocean, it makes our ocean what it is today.

Preserve our fresh water sources, conserve our rich river ecosystem including waterfalls.

#instameet #LifeOnEarthWWIM13 #wwim13 #wwim13manado

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aaronimanuel The surface of our earth is 70% covered by ocean. With this special Earth Day occasion, i just want to remind us al that the climate change is happening at a faster pace.
It destroys the balance of our ocean and its marine ecosystem. The notable problems are warmer sea temperature, coral bleaching, dead marine creatures, harmful fishing, water pollution, you name it..🌡 At the end of the day, this will impact our lives and the more generations to come. Respect our ancient oceans :) we take things from it, we preserve it.

I somewhat condone the fact that we as humans live in the modern days, tend to live not in harmony with our nature. However, sustainable living starts from ourselves. We have to be aware of this natural problems.

Always dispose your plastics right, always have the 3Rs ️ in mind. Always remind one another of the sustainable and environmentally friendly living.

Happy 4.5th billion something birthday Earth

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