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izzy.the.butterfly Can you guys please block and report @handssalloverr please? They are being really rude to @billiedawnwebb and spamming her with mean comments even though she is super cute and lovely. I'll be posting this again later when people are more active but it also needs to be said now 1h

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s4ve.toons Because I havent done this in a year or so i decided to organize my CDs again :P It's about 56 CDs, not much in comparison to my brother :'D
And because I want to I'm gonna tell you what my favorite ones are sorted by bands/artists and why I picked them :P

AFI- Decemberunderground
-> reminds me of my best friend and it's a badass CD overall
All Time Low- So Wrong It's Right and Nothing Personal
->makes me wanna have summer and dance

Billy Talent- Billy Talent II and Dead Silence
->beautiful lyrics, catchy rock melodies

Donots- Amplify The Good Times
->a great mix of fast and slow songs

Fall Out Boy- Infinity On High
->really catchy songs, Patricks voice is amazing

Foxboro Hot Tubs- Stop Drop and Roll!!!
->green day side project in the style of 70s (?) rock!

Green Day- American Idiot, Nimrod and Kerplunk (all are really good actually)
->my favorite band, great people, lyrics and Songs overall, enough said :P

Madsen- Willkommen bei Madsen
->the only german singing Band i listen to, the lyrics are amazingly simple but beautiful and honest <3

Nick Howard- Living in Stereo (dont have it yet but its amazing i tell ya)
->super catchy Songs and a great voice that just makes me smile and sing along

Panic At the Disco - Too weird to live, too rare to die
->brendons voice holy frick

Rise Against- Siren Song of the Counter Culture and The Sufferer & The Witness
->their Songs are literally poems crafted into Songs, and they have great messages too

Sunrise Avenue- Out of Style and Popgasm
->do i need to say anything? :P

Yellowcard- Ocean Avenue and Southern Air
->it's like summer all over again, they are a rockband with a violin player!! Plus theyre great live~

Those are the CDs I would never ever give away :D

Have a great weekend :)<3

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Mayfair いとちー
chihiro_800 柏、2人目の退場者w #yellowcard #redcard 2h

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izzy.the.butterfly This would have made my life:'( 2h
  •   djg_lostonbroadway It is an amazing line up 2h
  •   izzy.the.butterfly @djg_lostonbroadway my mom would never let me go-_- 2h
  •   buysomeboozeforbreakfast The story so far looks so odd among the rest of that lineup xD 1h
  •   izzy.the.butterfly @buysomeboozeforbreakfast like the little kids trying to play with the adults xD but it's a nice way to get them the recognition they deserve:] i would die if i played with Offspring 59min
  •   buysomeboozeforbreakfast Little kids playing with the adults that's perfect. Idk man at least they're at the beginning. If that was in the middle of a lineup that punk rock, it would be a huge momentum killer. Great way to start the show though, a softer pop punk to lead into the classic punk rock. 56min
  •   izzy.the.butterfly @buysomeboozeforbreakfast that's true! They are amazing live too but it's like, the people at that show are probably mostly 40 haha they'd be like "da fuq are these idiots" but i still would have loved to be there/: major props to TSSF though. Do you like them? 55min
  •   buysomeboozeforbreakfast A lot of my friends do, but I'm too invested in older pop punk/punk rock to get into the newer wave of what they're calling pop punk these days. I belong with the old people. 54min
  •   izzy.the.butterfly @buysomeboozeforbreakfast haha i understand that. I love both though but i feel like the newer Pop Punk is my entire life goal hehe 51min

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Normal Jasmin

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baby_dalee Here i go, scream my lungs out to try get to you #yellowcard #onlyone #greatsong 9h

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