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kurdish_national_geographic .
پیشه نگی جه سووری
چینی بی به شی هه ژارم
روله ی زه حمه ت کیشانم
سه ربازی قافله ی کریکارم
چه ک له ده ستم داناکه وی
مه گه ر ....!!!
مه گه ر......!!!
به سه ر ته رمی خویناویما
جه سته ی نه حست تی په رینی....
. .
#kurdistan #kurdish #kurd #pkk #ypg #fuckisis #fuckerdoğan

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bermal_cem Dağlar dağlara benzer içinde gerilla gezer#pkk#hpg#ypj#ypg 41min

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resistance_axis Syria peace talks may be held in Moscow next month: Russia -

Russia’s Foreign Ministry says next month’s peace talks between the Syrian government and the opposition could take place in Moscow.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said on Thursday that the talks are set to be held sometime after January 20, adding that the negotiations would involve representatives from the Syrian government, domestic opposition, and foreign-based Syrian opposition.

He further noted that the talks will be held in two stages. In the first stage, the Syrian opposition groups will come together and then representatives from Syria will join the talks in the second stage.

He added that the Syrian government could be represented by Foreign Minister Walid al- Muallem or other officials, but President Bashar al-Assad himself is unlikely to participate. “It’s hard to exclude anything, but in this case the presidential level doesn’t fit the format of the consultative meeting,” he said.

Moscow has recently offered to arrange peace talks between the Syrian government and the opposition without preconditions.

President Assad also voiced support for Russia’s efforts to broker peace in his war-ravaged country.

The last round of the talks between a Syrian government delegation and the opposition were mediated by the United Nations in the Swiss city of Geneva in February. The talks came to an end without any tangible results

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leelum_ Khabat Cemetery for #YPG fighters. Derik, #Rojava, #Kurdistan. 1h

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Inkwell Bilgin Mêrdîn
bilgiin47 Ez ne ola xwe ne ji kurditiya xwe berditim. Dermanê dile min, evina pexemberê min. Möge xwede unseren Gerillas und unserem Volk beistehen. Allahu Akbar #pray#for#kurdistan#kobane#shengal#biji#berxeedana#ypg#pkk#germany#hamburg#ffm#nrw#stuttgart#hannover#bremen#mardin#nusaybin#midyar#norway#sweden#islam 1h

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  •   exerebirth 2h
  •   bouncybtj your picture is wonderful! 2h
  •   nandonanders Hey there! Amazing pic. I hope you have a fantastic rest of your week! Be blessed. 2h

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Ludwig in solidarity with kurdistan
alma.chalaby "Ne kadar farklı olursa olsun; Sana ait olmayana tenezzül etme. Ve ne kadar basit olursa olsun; Senin olandan asla vazgeçme."
#che #guevara #ypg #ypj #kurdishboy #Gêrîlla #kürt #pkk #freedomfighters #kurds #Kurdistan #bearded #men #kurdishchildren

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resistance_axis NATO pushed Ukraine to shelve non-aligned status: Russia -

A Russian deputy defense minister has accused members of the US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) of pushing crisis-hit Ukraine to drop its non-aligned status and seek membership in the military alliance.

Anatoly Antonov said on Wednesday that unidentified NATO members compelled Ukraine to make the move in a bid to turn it into a "forward line for confronting Russia." "Under the slogan of a 'Russian threat,' NATO is expanding its military potential in the Baltics, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania," he said, noting that NATO has doubled the number of its military flights near Russia's borders to about 3,000 this year.

The top Russian military figure said Moscow is particularly concerned about pilots from non-nuclear NATO members, like Poland, being trained for nuclear missions.

On December 23, "Ukrainian parliament" voted to drop the country’s non-aligned status with a majority of 303 votes against 8.

The bill was submitted by Vassal-President Petro Poroshenko, who has promised to hold a referendum on NATO membership.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov responded to the Kiev parliament’s vote by calling it “counterproductive,” adding that such moves only increase tensions between the two nations.

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Normal PeshmergeGerillaYPG/YPJ
peshmergeypgypj Its going down for ISIS!!!! The kurdish forces is taking their moral away and we garantue that everyone will be killed!! Fuck ISIS!!!!!! This picture is of a kurdish YPG gerilla taking down ISIS!!!!
#kurd#kurdi#kurdistan#kurdish#YPJ#YPG#peshmerga#peshmerge#gerilla#guerilla#hero#heroic#humanity#human#resistance#100days#revolution#respect#apoci#mountains#nature#fuckisis#fuckisil#fuckisid#fuckis ️🌞 KURDISTAN ️🌞

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resistance_axis Saudi Arabia declares huge 2015 budget deficit -

Saudi Arabia has declared a huge budget deficit for its 2015 fiscal year as the oil-rich kingdom begins to feel the impact of falling oil prices to their lowest level in recent years.

Saudi Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud announced the USD 38.6-billion budget deficit on the state-run television Thursday.

However, Riyadh said it would increase projected spending by tapping into its huge financial reserves.

The largest oil producer in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the US-backed kingdom has insisted that the organization will not act to stabilize global oil prices despite an almost 50-percent slump since June.

OPEC has maintained a production ceiling of 30 million barrels per day, in what some analysts describe as efforts to suppress competition from new market players with higher costs, especially North American shale oil producers.

The Saudi budget announced for next year projects government spending at 860 billion riyals (USD 229.3 billion) and revenues at 715 billion riyals (USD 190.7 billion). The official statement released following a cabinet session projected that the 2015 spending would be “slightly higher” than planned for 2014, but revenues would be 140 billion riyals lower than estimates for the current year. “Despite the deficit, we will continue to spend on development projects.... We have the buffers to bear the drop,” said Saudi Finance Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf.

Meanwhile, ratings agency, Standard and Poor’s, has lowered its outlook for Saudi Arabia from positive to stable after the oil price crash.

It, however, affirmed its high ratings for the kingdom over the “strong external and fiscal positions” it has built up over the past decade.

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leelum_ Funeral procession for four #YPG martyrs. Heading to the Turkish border. #Kurdistan 5h

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leelum_ Today we remember Saint Stephen, the first person to be martyred for his faith in Christ. This morning I'm attending a funeral for four #YPG martyrs. 6h

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