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mr_bryce253 What's the haps Tacoma?!?! I'm back in town and seeing what's good tonight. Stopping in at @clear_choice_cannabis to see what good there. Might have to go pick up a Mikes Deluxe at MSM Deli too. #Tacoma #SaturdayNight #WhatsTheHaps #ItGoesDownInTTown #GrewUpOutHere #YouAintKnowItUnlessYouLivedIt #WhatYouSmokingOn #WeShouldSmoke #HitMyLine 21h
  •   nordin917 Hi from Paris 18h
  •   jonesglassman You should take a trip up north and come hit up Everett!! 6h
  •   mr_bryce253 @jonesglassman I was up there this week at 221 Inc. And 172nd St Cannabis. I'll let you know next time I'm out that way. 6h
  •   jonesglassman Ahh damn yup we should sesh it up!! 6h

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