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birdsnbeesbaby Regram from mom @dnnashabrina Queen lulu yang anggun, sexy namun santun mengisi waktu senggang nya dengan berjemur sambil memperhatikan rakyat yang lalu lalang di depan nya #Luihara #QueenLulu #Queencabangjaksel #Berjemur #GadisTropis #Victoriasecretangel

Thank you mom and baby for wearing "Ki et la Sunglasses Diabola Creme for 0-18mo"

also available in color grey,red,pink,peacock blue,menthol,royal blue,mauve and plum.

Sunglasses with protection UVA and UVB filter important to reduce the risk of damaging their retina and come with each pair of sunglass comes with: 1 Ki ET LA organic cotton pouch, 1 adjustable strap,1 Ki ET LA sticker .

Price:  439,000

Order by :
web or line : birdsnbeesbaby.com
whatsapp : 02170863152
email : olsalesbnb@gmail.com

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nyanzefaraimodel @victoriassecret N'Yanze loved your white jeans and tees so much!! I see a new #angel #vsangel #victoriasecretangel #model #tallgirlsrock #TheNewestAngels #postlikeanangel @nomadrj @goodmorningamerica
How do i fit the entire photo into the frame???

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