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  •   kat_trinaaaa how long have you had those and how often do you use them?! would you recommend one over the other? 🏼 10h
  •   briymonae Lol what you mean @nashellehill 9h
  •   briymonae Da'Ron got them off the gpen website @justgee_ 9h
  •   nashellehill Like what's the purpose lol how does it make you feel 9h
  •   briymonae A few months for the yellow one and just got the pink one. Gpen is really good I haven't had any problems so far. I don't use them everyday. Only like twice a week usually. If you use them everyday make sure you clean them out every time you use it so the cool doesn't burn out @kat_trinaaaa 9h
  •   briymonae Get hip tiwan lol @mr_detroit_313 9h
  •   nashellehill Aw naw I don't need one of those 9h
  •   nashellehill Exactly! That would have me addicted for sure 9h

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