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_thedazzlings_ I will be speaking my honest opinion about what's been going on in the art side of the brony fandom lately.

A very popular artist, DrawPonies was recently caught red-hooved tracing from the original show. As most of his fans know, he does sell his so called, "art" as online commissions, or at conventions. He also prints the images on t-shirts, and selling those. After doing a lot of research on his, he makes roughly 303.00 dollars a week for three years off of this.

As I do not have the right to file a DMCA report on the stolen art, many people have already contacted Hasbro about it.

What is so bad about this? You may ask. Well this is considered a scam, as he sells commissions (some ranging up to 90 dollars) people expect his artwork, an original. And they've wasted money on something they could have done theirselves.

Hasbro has took down some fanmade animations that were too alike to the show, but this has been going on for a long time?

Honestly, I am disappointed. I looked up to his artwork for a long time. He was my biggest inspiration for drawing ponies in the first place, me wanting to be an animator when I grow older. I thank him for the motivation but honestly the only way to describe this is heartbroken. He apologized, but only after he was caught.

However, what kind of bronies are we if we hate someone for one mistake? He isn't a bad person, he just made a bad decision. We need to live up to our motto, love and tolerate. Forgive and forget. He has promised to only post true originals from now on, that's enough for me. I feel we only have the right to say he is truly a liar/in it for the money unless he does it again. He's like Sunset Shimmer in way I guess.

I do think he needs to pay for the actions he's done, and offer refunds to the people he has scammed. That's the saddest part, he didn't mention anything about refunds. I would have been mad as a costumer, and a fan.

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Inkwell Sarai Diaz
  •   xx.mrs.mixer.makes.xx Dude?! This needs more likes! Wow! You have no idea how much I just fell in love with your style jeez. 8min

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14min avahaine
Earlybird Ava Haine
avahaine Read a very interesting poem book on the 104th day.

Bite. Dead. Burp. Credits.

#haiku #poetry #poems #vintage #unicorn #twilightsparkle #twilight #vampire #literature

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Normal Pinkie Pie The Dragon 🐉
dragon_pinkie_pie I have a theory about Zecora. In the first episode we learn that Zecora isn't from Equestria. So, I believe that she has a family some place else. Maybe she came to Ponyville to have some peace and quiet. Or maybe she knew about the ever free forest and came to study the herbs there. I would like to know how, when, and why Zecora cane to Ponyville. I'm hoping there is an episode featuring Zecora in season five. That would be awesome! What do you guys think? #zecora #zecoramlp {{{{#mlpfimart #mlpfim #mlp #rarity #rainbowdash #fluttershy #applejack #pinkiepie #twilightsparkle #dontjudge #s4s #goal250 #followers #mylittlepony #friendshipismagic #sunsetshimmer #spikethedragon #mlpedit #mlpship}}}} 28min

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rarityforever #mlpadopts on my DeviantArt!
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  •   sassy_sancey Aw man I'm digging number one I'll have to check these cuties out when I can :0 13min

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melody.rush Octavia or bon Bon? ️ ---------------------------------------------{{#mlp #mylittlepony #rainbowdash #fluttershy #rarity #twilightsparkle #applejack #pinkiepie}} 46min

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twilight_sparkl101 Ok, so apparently @pinkie_party_pie_11 is looking for an Ssp, do any of you think you can help her out? If you can, comment on one of her pictures, thank you! #MLP #mylittlpony #twilightsparkle 1h

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