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Normal Edward ZO /// Los Angeles
edwardzo #TheDreamExperiment: A Mind Bending Cinematic Short Film by EdwardZo. Coming Soon www.EdwardZo.com
How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?
  •   darkhagelswag And I'm ur stalker. 3y
  •   hollymaynard22 @edwardzo could you shout me out please? 3y
  •   j.a.p_dawg Hay my dad knw sumone that is interested in u .. u have an amazing voice Soo leave your kik name under a pic of mine so I can tell u more @edwardzo 3y
  •   jpnys Ah OMG I just love your voice it's like a damn angel! You are so good looking and ugh you just so perf. Man I wish I could talk to you! @edwardzo 3y

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