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cokeefe013 Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you 🤗 @courtneybraga #takedowns #23 #nurse #bestfriend 11h

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sbtmike My jiu-jitsu notes are in the the early stages on my tablet. I'm doing some brainstorming on my standing techniques. I'm still new to Apple OS, so don't laugh at my stick figures. Hahaha! #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu #judo #wrestling #concepts #takedowns #notes #stickfigures #kazushi #icantspell #hahahaha 13h

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marcellouzadobjj Ultimate Grappling_Marcel Louzado Free World Class seminar is going down this Saturday at Oyama MMA starting at 12.
The seminar is open to everyone from any BJJ school and we also gonna do belt promotion.

All the Jiu Jitsu community is invited to share the same mats and learn the best of the Arte Suave at my training facility in Irvine #OyamaMMA
Bring your friends and be ready for two hours of Raw BJJ from Brazil mixed with Judo and Wrestling.

I'll be teaching competition strategy and other aspects of the game like half guard passes,sweeps,deep half and submissions.
ThanksGiving is just around the corner so nothing better then enjoying the end of the year on the mats training with the best_

M a r c e l l o u z a d o B J J

I'll see you on the mats...

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