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bretella3 LUXOR in Egitto ero sul cavallo con carrozza per visitare al mercato della città vecchia 2w

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mttbrnby Hello. Please read, I don't do this often.

Those who know me well enough know that I've got a slight obsession with London heritage. As far as I'm concerned our capital is the greatest in the world. I consider it a privilage being there everyday. Which is why I'm passionate about this cause.

Today I spent some time with an Occupy group in a squat on Denmark Street, SoHo. Up until a week ago it wasn't a squat. In fact up until a week ago it was The 12 Bar. Those who know of Denmark Street or The 12 Bar will be able to agree with me on it's importance in making the world's music scene so exciting since the 50s.

Well, they're fucking knocking it down. The whole street eventually. To make new flats, retail and offices.

I know and support progression but not at the fate of our amazing heritage. In spite of all the shit we read in the papers this country and it's diversity is fucking beautiful. To bulldoze it is a crime beyond repair.

If you work, live or visit London in the next few weeks please show your support by going to The 12 Bar, signing the petition, dropping of some basics (tea, coffee, milk etc) and generally letting them know you're behind them. Whilst there I witnessed intimidation tactics of the developers trying to chip away at the building with people inside, parking out front to block people going in or out. I'm not much of an activist, don't plan to be but they are so please do show your support and try to help stop the generifcation of SoHo. #lom_chitt #london #soho #occupy #real #urban #people #history #architecture #protest #ig_London #londonist #london_only #urbanromantix #mono #streetshot @russellbrand33 @london_only_members @urbanromantix @rsa_streetview_ #rsa_streetview
  •   mttbrnby PS: apologises for the expletives 12min

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bretella3 La casa è della Signora Nubiana in Egitto 🌞 1w

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bretella3 TREPPONTI di Comacchio in Emilia Romagna fatta dall'Architetto Luca Danese nel 1638 con il fiume canale che passa al mare poi ci sono due torri di guardia con cinque ampie scale ad arco 🌞 5d

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