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  •   blvd_k Bring this thang out on Friday 1d
  •   sick2vstang_209 @blvd_k where to G 🏼 1d
  •   blvd_k We'll announce it on Thursday morning for details and location. Not a side show take over just a meet slash video shoot with some dougnuts lol 1d
  •   blvd_k Rep the who Muddville feelme 1d
  •   sick2vstang_209 Fight bro thanks keep me updated then 🏼 @blvd_k 1d
  •   pediamirix 1d
  •   syscokidstang Cheap HID's are the best haha 1d
  •   philthhyy Let's trade stangs lol jk 23h

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