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Normal Izuru Kira || 吉良 イヅル
I have been gone for so long. But I'm back now ^^
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  •   blue.renji finally!! 2h
  •   m.hinamori Finally you weirdo! XD lol what am I saying I was gone for a long time to 2h
  •   kira.izuru Well I was grounded for a week xP @blue.renji and I see you started over ^^ @m.hinamori 1h
  •   m.hinamori Lol yup! Account was messy and such XD 56min

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vanessa_chan8 #camp #summer #nostalgia #hisagi #shuhei #draw #lol
А я всё дальше погружаюсь в воспоминания) Да уж, в 2013 мы знатно потусили на лагере) На кепочке мой Хисаги :з

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Normal hi

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shvhei_hisagi The dark haired lieutenant sat back on a step of the squad barracks. He had been given the afternoon off and now found himself bored and sitting on the step of the barracks unsure exactly what to do with himself. He imagined he could find something to do practice or maybe do some editing but some how he felt like he would still get shoo'd away. Days off was something he didn't get often and well it felt weird to him to have someone else doing his duties while he was suppose to be enjoying himself. He couldn't help but sigh trying to come up with something to do was proving to be hard for the tall lean male to do. #openrp #literalrp #bleachrp #bleach #shuhei #hisagi 2d
  •   __.radioactive.__ She looked at him with her piercing red eyes. Her daughter, rukia, took his hand "lets go!" They pulled him with them as they laughed 1d
  •   shvhei_hisagi "What the" he mumbled as he suddenly found gun being pulled along by the two woman as they pulled him up. All he could do was blink his dark grey eyes as he looked between the two laughing woman @__.radioactive.__ 1d
  •   __.radioactive.__ Yasuhiro took him to the pool as they pushed him in . Rukia jumped behind him and yasuhiro followed 1d
  •   shvhei_hisagi The dark haired male was surprised to say the least that the two women had taken him to a pool. And even more surprised he found himself being pushed into the water. He stood in the water his black hair sticking to his face and neck. But yet he found himself laughing as the two woman jumped in behind him. @__.radioactive.__ 1d
  •   __.radioactive.__ Rukia smiled as she hugged him. She kissed his cheek "have fun!" . Yasuhiro jumped on his back as she laughed. 1d
  •   shvhei_hisagi He laughed as Rukia hugged him and Yasuhiro jumped into his back. "Hey now two against one doesn't seen very fair now is it" he said as he laughed and tried to look between the two @__.radioactive.__ 1d
  •   __.radioactive.__ Yasuhiro got out "ill be back soon. Your father is calling me" she told rukia. "Okay mom!" Rukia smiled as yasuhiro ran over to renji and kissed him 1d
  •   kenpachi_zaraki11 Hey @shvhei_hisagi want to role play fight me and @__byakuya_kuchiki__ 1d

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Normal ブリーチ bleach fanpage
bleach.ftw 〔 Bleach Chapter 594: Rubb-Dolls 〕




And of course now my precious bby is under control by a fat guy named Pepe. Isn't bleach just lovely //cries

My only hope is Kira saving the day with a cyborg arm or something XD

Byakuya better be okay. Eh. He's Byakuya and Byakuya never dies...except those other times that I do not like speaking of...
I mean he did easily defeat those 3 other sternritters...and where's Bazz-B, Renji and Rukia!?

And zayum Meninas hit Liltotto hard...like REALLY hard. Did you see her arm!?

This chapter wasn't as good as the others but it was okay :)

Your opinion on this part of the chapter?
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This is my edit
#bleach #anime #manga #hisagi #shuhei #byakuya #meninasmcallon #liltottolamperd #pepe #cute #kawaii #hot #love #shinigami #quincy #sternritter #animeboy #animegirl #titekubo #otaku

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  •   takishun0621 きょうやったんけ?汗 3d
  •   keitatakada @takishun0621 そうや!!! 今片町で買い物しとる!!! 2d
  •   takishun0621 セレクトのファッジアップナッシングオススメ!APCの近く!俺もいま片町いたのに 2d

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