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During my journey, I came across alternative ideas and began seeking it and that is anarchism and I even joined a political activity in order to find a method for it to work during the research I was holding. However, the more I knew, the more limits I faced, and I knew how stupid humans can be. People only wanted to pursue and seek worldly materials and instant gratification such as wealth, honour, status, respect etc, things that can be seen in front their eyes and did not seek faith, pleasing God or think about what life really is about or even about their afterlife. The society is increasingly getting sick and the world is falling apart and falling into a state of confusion by running after these things. We are not even protecting our individual spirit within it and thus our souls wonders in loneliness, darkness, and fear. Indeed, does God not exist? Do we have to live a life like hell? Such a soulless life.

With all my deep thinking, I lost myself because I lost hope in what I thought was the rope of life, Christianity and the society. I stopped taking care of my family, did not protect my loved ones. I could not stand upright, I was lonely and afraid, and was falling into hell. I felt abandoned. I thought to myself many times, If God had abandoned us or God does not exist, then surely religions would be something that should disappear of the earth?

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