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thirstyforbtr I couldn't remember Kelly's real name and I was too lazy to look it up. My bad lol.

But anyway I think they would be SUPER cute together. Like ASDFGHJKL.

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thirstyforbtr Give em hell, turn their heads
Gonna live life 'til we're dead.
Give me scars, give me pain
Then they'll say to me, say to me, say to me
There goes the fighter, there goes the fighter
Here comes the fighter
That's what they'll say to me, say to me, say to me,
This one's a fighter

And if I can last thirty rounds
There's no reason you should ever have your head down
Six foot five, two hundred and twenty pounds
Hailing from rock bottom, loserville, nothing town

Text book version of a kid going nowhere fast
And now I'm yelling, "Kiss my ass"
It's gonna take a couple right hooks, a few left jabs
For you to recognize you really ain't got it bad

#carlospena #penator #penavega #spareparts #bigtimerush #rusher

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thirstyforbtr @kameslover You're beautiful. You're wonderful. You're everything that's positive in life. You're so young. I know you've heard this time & time again, but it WILL get better. You think you're unloved? Think again. Because I love you, the boys love you, & more importantly God loves you. And he wouldn't have put you on this earth if he didn't think you would do something amazing. He wouldn't give you the battles that you have if he knew you couldn't handle them. Just please. Know that you can come talk to me at any time. No matter what. Please. Oh please. Don't go.~Bunny

#bigtimerush #rusher #kendallschmidt #carlospena #loganhenderson #jamesmaslow #covergirl #penator #henderwhore #maslover

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thirstyforbtr I just wanted to say HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADYYYYYY!!! YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST CO OWNERS EVER & I FREAKIN LOVE YA! You are not only becoming my best friend but also like my sister. A little sister....but nonetheless a sister lol

I hope you had an AMAZING day today because you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DESERVE IT MY LOVE! I can't wait to meet you one day so we can go kidnap BTR & "do stuff" with them hehe

I hope you enjoy this edit of Cargan and remember I FREAKING LOVE YOU! (P.S. Try to calm down your raging hormones when you see Cargan )

#carlospena #penator #loganhenderson #henderwhore #cargan #bigtimerush #rusher #happybirthday
  •   thirstyforbtr I'll try but I don't promise anything 6d
  •   kameslover Please repost lexi's picture she's going to kill herself on Friday 6d
  •   kameslover and she says she's ugly and her wish is having people tell her she's beautiful 6d
  •   kameslover please make her wish come true and this is her cousin hacking her 6d

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thirstyforbtr Ok so new theme cause the other one was crappy & all over the place. But it was our first time. And you know what they say about first timers

Also we're kinda copying off of @fxck.boybxnds. But we can't help that she's awesome & our inspiration 😎~Bunny

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thirstyforbtr Instagram is so late. I was already deleting/blocking ghosties. Bitch swerve

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thirstyforbtr *Sleepover at Carlexa's house*

Carlos: *gets in bed* Oh my gosh babe. I'm sorry I came in late.
You: ....
Carlos: Late night at the studio.
You: ....
Carlos: The guys are crazy though. You should've seen wh-
You: Carlos you're in the wrong room.
Carlos: What...? Y/n? Why are you-? Ohh is tonight the-?
You: Yup
Carlos: And I totally forgot-
You: Yup....That still doesn't explain why you're in the wrong room.
Carlos: I maay be a little drunk
You: Ah
Carlos: So I should leave now?
You: Yea!
Carlos: Ok uh, see you later I guess
You: Ok bye *awkwardly changes sleeping position to face other side of the room as Carlos leaves* (Since it won't fit in the Textagram for my theme I thought I'd post it here. Hope you liked it!)

#carlospena #penator #alexavega #penavega #spareparts #bigtimerush #rusher #btr

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thirstyforbtr I had a dream last night that I met a rusher/driver & I almost cried when I woke up cause I have no rusher/driver friends near me

#carlospena #penavega #penator #spareparts #alexavega #bigtimerush #rusher #cute

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thirstyforbtr Imagine.

So guess what my best friend Lisa has planned for us on Valentine's Day? Speed. Dating. Can you believe that? As if being single on Valentine's Day isn't already depressing enough. But she's going to be doing it with me...so I guess it won't be so bad.

I finished putting on my outfit & spritzed on some perfume. I grabbed my purse & walked out the door. I met up with Lisa at the train station. "So are you excited?" She smiled. "Totally!" I said sarcastically. "Oh come on y/n. It's gonna be fuuun! I promise. You may even find a cutie." "Ha! I highly doubt that." "Ugh. Just come on. You'll like it. You'll see." We got on the train and headed off to our speed dating.

When we arrived, a man welcomed us in & pointed us to our seats. By the looks of it, I'm guessing he's the host. It looked like there were over thirty men, and just fifteen women. Lisa and I sat down and waited for about five minutes, then the host began speaking. "Good evening everyone. I'm Matthew Forks and I will be your host this evening. Welcome to Love Lessons Speed Dating. Here's how it works. Each woman will be given two minutes to talk to a guy. Guys, when the bell rings, you move seats and go to the next woman. Good luck & I hope you find a connection tonight," he winked. "Aaaand go!" Matthew rung the bell then went to sit down. *more in the comments*
  •   thirstyforbtr "This is so boring," I whispered after the first ten minutes. Most of the guys who approached me was either a weirdo or a douche. One guy was both. He wanted me to do stuff with my best friend in front of him...& his camera. I was over this already. "It gets better. I promise," she whispered back. I reluctantly rolled my eyes. "Hello. My name is Carlos Pena," said the next guy. He greeted me with a sweet smile. "Hello Carlos. My name is y/n y/ln. So what are you going to do to impress me?" I said jokingly. Going along with my joke, he smiled. "Not only can I impress you, but I can be any kind of guy you want me to be." "Really? How so? You're not trying to be desperate are you?" "Of course not. If you like funny guys, I can be that guy. I love to laugh. On our first date, we could go to a comedy club, or see a funny movie." "I would like that. I love to laugh too." Suddenly the bell rang.

    Two minutes already? "I'll be right back. I promise," Carlos said as he got up. "How?" I asked, but he was already off. The rule was two minutes per guy. How would he be able to come back? A few minutes later, Carlos approached me again, but in a different outfit. It looked kind of nerdy. "Do you like nerdy guys?" He asked. "We could go to comic con or a planetarium." "What are you doing?" I laughed. "I like to be spontaneous," he winked. The bell rang. "Be right back!" He exclaimed. *more in the comments* 3w
  •   thirstyforbtr A few minutes later and Carlos was back. "How do you keep getting back in line?" I giggled. "I'm a master of disguise cutie," he finger-gunned me. "So do you like preppy guys? We could go golfing or shopping, or get on my yacht & go sailing." I pulled out a pen and paper, getting ready to jot down my number. "Do you do this with all the girls?" I smirked. He looked at me, a little caught off guard by my question, but eased into a smile. "No. Just you. I don't know. I...I can't let you get away." The bell rang. Once again, there goes Carlos.

    The next few minutes were a blur. I didn't want to talk to any other guy. Just Carlos.

    Carlos came back once more. "I could be your hipster. We could have a lazy date, just chill at your place & cuddle." In that moment, something happened. A spark maybe. Because the next thing I knew I was pulling him closer to me, then I leaned in to kiss him. I heard gasps all around. "Yes. Yes to it all," I grinned. Carlos blushed, then fixed his shirt. "So um, I guess I should give you my number then huh?" "Definitely." 3w
  •   chill.its.just.rose Love it♡do more plzzz 3w

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thirstyforbtr Why must my best friend be a bitch.

Like I'm not trying to be cute. She really is a bitch

#jamesmaslow #maslover #KendallSchmidt #covergirl #carlospena #penator #loganhenderson #henderwhore #bigtimerush #rusher #dirtyrusher #oldiebutgoodie

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thirstyforbtr Ummm...Idk how old this picture is but can we discuss this please? Lmao •

We can not NOT talk about this

#bigtimerush #rusher #dirtyrusher #jamesmaslow #maslover #loganhenderson #henderwhore #henderconda #carlospena #penator #kendallschmidt #covergirl

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thirstyforbtr This edit looked better in my head 😕 •

I tried Chipotle for the first time today & omg. Chipotle. Is. Life. Lol

#bigtimerush #rusher #kendallschmidt #covergirl #carlospena #penator #penavega #jamesmaslow #maslover #loganhenderson #henderwhore #dirtyrusher

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thirstyforbtr Carlos's POV:
A few months ago I had hired a personal assistant. With Alexa being away for her movie, things have been getting outta hand between my new show & new music. Her name was, y/n. Just like her name, she was breathtakingly beautiful. So beautiful, that I may have developed feelings for her. It may be because Alexa was gone. But even when I would talk to Alexa, my mind would wander, & think of---her. "Good morning Mr. Pena," y/n said as she walked in my kitchen. She was wearing a light blue buttoned blouse that was open far enough just to see a peak of her cleavage. Her pencil skirt went down to her knees & was tight in all the right places. "Y/n what did we talk about? You don't have to call me Mr. Pena," I smiled. She tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "I know sir. I just like to keep things, professional." I couldn't help but smile. I admired her for that.

She put down her laptop & sat down next to me. "So you have an appointment at ten with TolBooth Records, then at twelve you have to be on set to do hair & makeup, & at six you're having dinner with Calvin Klein to talk about you being their new model. Sounds good?" "Sounds amazing," I smiled. *more in the comments*
  •   thirstyforbtr "Would you like me to get you anything else Mr. Pena?" She asked as she stood up. I looked around the table & noticed I didn't have any coffee. "Coffee would be nice." "Coming right up! How would you like it?" I felt a hardening in my pants as she said that. "Light & sweet," I managed to say.

    A few minutes later my coffee was ready & she came walking towards me with it. Something must've made her trip because the next thing I knew it was all over me. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! I don't know what happened! Oh my gosh yes I do. It was these stupid shoes I just had to wear today! It's all over your pants & my shoes! Let, let me go get you a towel!" And with that, she got a bunch of paper towels & started wiping me down. The more she wiped, the more "happy", I was getting. "I'm so so sorry. I'm such a klutz." "Y/n..." "I could've sworn I was watching where I was going-" "Y/n-" "Like I said. These stupid shoes. But I only bought them cause I wanted to impress you-" "Y/n-" "Omg please don't fire me! I prom-" "Y/n!" I stood up & grabbed her close to me. She was stunned immediately. "Y/n. I-I could never fire you. You're so wonderful to me." I looked down at her lips, as they curled up into a smile. Her amazing, beautiful smile. *more in the comments* 1mon
  •   thirstyforbtr I couldn't help myself. I rushed our lips together & let my emotions run wild. My hands started to wander her body. I ripped her blouse open & bit her neck. She gasped at my touch as my hands pushed up her skirt. She lifted up my shirt & slid down my pants. It looks like I wasn't the only one that wanted our bodies to, collide.

    I pushed her against the kitchen counter & yanked down her panties. "Damn it Mr. Pena just do it!" She yelled. I did as she pleaded & grabbed my member & slid into her. She moaned in ecstasy & I began to thrust into her. I pulled at her hair as I got faster. "Who's is it?" I growled. I didn't hear an answer. I just saw her bite the corner of her lip & clutch the other end of the counter. I pulled her hair harder. "Who's is it?!" "It's yours!" She gasped. "Mr. Pena fuck!" "I love it when you say my name. Say it louder!" I was so close. "Mr. Pena. Mr. Pena! Oh Mr. Pena!" "Almost there baby!" "Mmm Carlos...oh Carlos. Carlos!" I blinked my eyes & we were back in our clothes. I was completely dry. "Carlos! Would you like me to get you anything else?" Was I daydreaming that whole time? "Uh, uh, no. I'm fine for now," I studdered. Y/n closed her laptop & stood up. "Well I'll be upstairs if you need anything," she smiled as she made her way to the stairway.//// May make this into s story one day but idk lol.~Neicy 1mon
  •   sofiapena74 Write more but not dirty 1mon
  •   milca_isme 1mon
  •   xx.bigtimebruhs.xx OMG WRITE MORE GODDAMMIT! I just looked at Carlos at an entirely different new way now 1mon
  •   thirstyforbtr @xx.bigtimebruhs.xx Reason why I still wanna work with BTR 1mon

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