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Hudson Richard David Mallory
  •   dsheeen Haha no doubt! Im in the works of finding a new artist. Some things happened with my old one :( then ill be getting my leg piece started! Stoked. 2y
  •   richarddavidmallory_kazi_al @dsheeen Wuya getting done? Where ya from? 2y
  •   dsheeen Canada! And I'm getting a scene of my favorite comic characters acting out some things I've overcome in my life. (it's a lot more complicated and detailed than it sounds haha) its going to take a long process to make sure the artist I choose gets it right and I trust them enough to express the such stories I need to tell in order to make it happen haha 2y
  •   richarddavidmallory_kazi_al Wow! Sounds pretty amazing! What comic characters?! 2y
  •   dsheeen Spiderman is a for sure, a bit of Batman at the start cause of his background. Venom would need to be in there for certain things. Spiderman is my favorite of all time, but I'll most likely use characters that backgrounds closely represent what I'm trying to express in me. :) @d_kazi_k_666_c 2y
  •   dsheeen I'm in the works of deciding what xmen. I dig wolverine, but Rogue would work better in the piece. So many decisions!! It's a working progress! 2y
  •   richarddavidmallory_kazi_al @dsheeen So many huge rad amazing decisions!! 2y

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