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timelord_from_galifray ¤
Listening to 'I am the doctor' and its just perfect. There is a bit in the middle where its the pandorica speach

Hello stone henge! Who takes the pandorica, takes the universe! But bad news everyone... cause guess who?
Eh! You lot your all wizzing about and its really distracting, could you all just stay still because I AM TALKING!
Now! The question of the hour is whos got the pandorica, answer - I do, next question whos coming to take it from me? *dramatic silence*

Come on!! Look at me, no plan no backup no weapons worth a dam, oh and something else I dont have anything to loose! So if your sitting up there in your silly little spaceship with all your silly little guns and if you have any plans on takig the pandorica tonight... just remember whos standig in your way! Remeber every black day I ever stopped you.. and then! And then, do the smart thing..
Let somebody else try first.... ( if you're still reading comment romanrory) ♡
And yes! I did just type that from memory so if there is a mistake sorry!!

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extremely_whovian Favorite doctor- ten

Favorite season- 3 or 4

Favorite episode- silence in the library and the second part of it

Favorite companion- Rose/Donna

Favorite saying- allons-y! ***********Please do my contest! *****************

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