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19min lassevar
Aden Lasse Vartiainen
lassevar My face when I realize it has been some time since the last time I made a youtube video. It really is something I would like to do more often, but since it's a new thing for me, it's hard to find time, ideas and motivation to do them. I have couple of videos that just need editing and there is also a big change to my channel, but I left my computer to Joensuu (😑) and I am not going to be back for at least a week... I promise to myself I will upload them asap And since I'm complaining about things - this instagram of mine is a total mess of english and finnish posts... I'm sorry if some of you can't understand some of my posts... #sorry #youtube #youtubeproblems #finnish #english #myproblems #mfw 19min

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