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supermanwonderwoman I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons #superman #kalEL #krypton #mywonderwomanvero #myoneandonly #wonderwoman #DC #DCcomics #DCnation #DCuniverse 1h
  •   es_mi_vida_amor I love when u Express ur love..for me..it makes me feel so loved and important..and special..my love for u is special..beuz i only have eyes for my Superman..i give u my heart <3 ..ilove u..@supermanwonderwoman 48min
  •   supermanwonderwoman @es_mi_vida_amor I only have eyes for you my Wonder Woman. I'm deeply in love with you. My love for you grows and grows each day. Day and night I think of the next time I will see you again and my heart starts beating Super fast. I love you mi amor. 34min
  •   es_mi_vida_amor My superman..u give me something ive never felt befor..and at times it scared me and i pushed away..but in my heart i never wanted that to happen..but now im ready to embrace the love you give me..@supermanwonderwoman 5min

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Normal Kal-El (XRP Recruiter)
kryptoniansavior *monitor duty was a requirement for every league member. How Bruce manages to get out of it still puzzles me. Cyborg says the schedules are done randomly unless a member specifically asks. In my opinion I think Bruce has hacked in to Cyborg's system. Not that I minded doing my watch but somehow I ended up on the roster three times this week. J'onn sensed my irritation and did his best to help pass the time* "And I tried this new flavor of Chocos. To be very honest I prefer the original. Strawberry just doesn't go." *I smiled at J'onn. We all new how much he loved Chocos and it was his main food* Hey J'onn have you ever tried the double stuffed Chocos? "Double stuffed?" I'll have to bring you some next time I come up here. I'm positive you'll love them. *J'onn smiled and I chuckled. He was in for a surprise* #Superman #KalEl #ClarkKent #ManofSteel #KryptonianSavior #SupesMcDupes #heroicunderpants #Krypton #Kryptonian #JLA #dccomics #dcuniverse #rp #xrp #xtremerp ((OPEN RP. And yes it's a repost from a few weeks back since my creativity is shot at the moment)) 3h
  •   get.over.here "All you need to know is that i am the ninja spectre of vengeance" seeing the flash of red from your eye i dash forward and hits you with a combo if two strikes to the chest with my hands followed by a high kick to the chest as well. As my foot lands on the ground i look over at you and wonders what kind of a warrior you are, and when you will attack. 2h
  •   kryptoniansavior @get.over.here *I'm prepared for your attack and block the hits and kick. As soon as your foot touches the ground I speed right infront of you* That was my last warning *my voice comes out a growl and I reach out and grab you by the collar, lifting you up* 2h
  •   get.over.here Im surprised by your speed for just a little bit but as you hold me up by my collar i stare back at you with my glowing white eyes and then teleports away in a ball of fire. I go through the NetherRealm and as you look around confused for a few seconds i teleport back behind you in a ball of flames again and this time with my fist engulfed with hellfire i punch you square in the jaw aa you turn towards me. 2h
  •   kryptoniansavior @get.over.here *my head turns with the force of your punch. Now I'm mad. With a flick of my wrist I hit your shoulder and send you flying a few feet away* "Superman there was another surge of energy." I know J'onn. *I didn't want to hear him in my ear right now as I knew you were going to fight me no matter what* "I've almost pinpointed the source." *I fly towards you, fist balled in front of me* Good! 2h
  •   get.over.here The strength you posses when you hit me and send me back is strength that ive only felt by Shao Khan and Goro before. None the less ive been outmatched before and still came out victorious in those, i stand up in time to see you flying towards me with your fist balled up and ducks under you and then sweeps your feet out from under you and raises up with my foot aimed straight for your chin. 1h
  •   kryptoniansavior @get.over.here *I grab your foot and slam you on the ground* Where did you come from?! *I grab you by the collar and lift you up again, soaring several feet above the ground now* Answer me before the air gets too thin for you to breathe. *I keep soaring up* 1h
  •   get.over.here If i had any breath it would have been knocked put of me by your slam of me on the ground, as we continue to soar ever higher in the sky i decide to take this fight to my playing field. A ball of fire engulfs us as we teleport from EarthRealm all the way to the NetherRealm, you find yourself in what most would call hell. Its a barren wasteland filled with fire pits and the skeletons of many warriors who have fallen to my hand as well as others, my kunai pierces my palm as i watch you from the shadows. "GET OVER HERE" i throw the kunai at your chest and as soon as it hits you i pull back on it. 1h
  •   kryptoniansavior @get.over.here ((Nice!)) *as we enter your world my first thought is that you are from Apokolips. The pits of fire and the smell of death. That thought quickly changes as I take in everything. I turn to you as you cry out and grab the kunai as it reaches my chest* How about you come to me! *I pull on the line and start to bring you towards me* 1h

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datjiveturkey Tried fixing superman up as much as I could today
Forgive me, I color like a 5 year old #superman #manofsteel #kalel #krypton #kryptonian #clarkkent #henrycavill #batmanvsuperman #dcuniverse #dcuniverse #dawnofjustice

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bizzieyo My illustration of Power girl (left) and Supergirl (right). They are the same person (Superman's cousin). I like the humor 😈 #dc #nonmarvelmonday #powergirl #supergirl #krypton #art 3h

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Normal Kal El of Krypton - קל אל -
__man_of_steel___ When I first went public, people didn't know where I came from.

To them I was just a man with extraordinary powers.

But I only wanted to help others.

To them I was like an unstoppable force of good, like the world had never known.

They didn't know I wasn't a human, nor that my powers came from the yellow sun as if I was some kind of living battery.

Ever since I showed myself to this world, I have done nothing but help.

But this much power held by one single individual is terrifying to some.. They're scared of me because they can't control me.

They don't and they never will.

But that doesn't mean in their enemy. No

I'm just here to help.

I'm just here to serve this world and its people.

I just want to help.

#superman #clarkkent #hero #super #dc #manofsteel #henrycavill #krypton #dccomics #believe #inspire #hope #legend #ideal #accomplishwonders #kalel #kryptonian

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kryptoniansavior Serious writer's block going on. So in the meantime enjoy adorable eight year old me. Yeah, I rocked the red underpants back then. The girls thought it was sexy. Supes McDupes out! #Superman #KalEl #ClarkKent #ManofSteel #KryptonianSavior #SupesMcDupes #heroicunderpants #Krypton #Kryptonian #JLA #dccomics #dcuniverse #rp #xrp #xtremerp 5h

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axlmoviesmurf "It's not an S. On my world it means Hope"

Here I go again.
Man of Steel is the reboot of the Superman franchise.
If there was one word I could ise to descibe this movie, its "polarizing".
One of my friends absolutley DESPISES this movie.
I, on the other hand, loved it!
You know what they say. To each their own cinema.
So I'm gonna say how I loved this movie and those who hated it can let me know what you think. Politely.
First off, I loved how the first 20 minutes takes place on Krypton.
I love how it shows that Krypton is an alien planet. After all, its Superman's birthplace.
Then after Kal-El gets sent to Earth it cuts right to Clark Kent as an adult showing his childhood in flashbacks.
I thought that was very well done and very different.
And Henry Cavill does a great job as Superman. He looked the part and he totally sold it.
I especially like his 2 Robin Hood father figures Jor-El and Pa Kent.
Both Russell Crowe and Kevin Coster did great in giving Superman guidence albiet some things that Pa Kent did were debatable.
Man of Steel is a bit dark for a Superman movie and I'll admit that.
But for some reason I felt that it worked cuz Superman is still that good guy we all know he is.
And some people will argue that because he snapped Zod's neck and destroyed half of Metropolis.
Two things:
1: Metropolis got destroyed because...what did you expect from two overpowered aliens?!?! 2: Superman has to kill Zod cuz he left him no choice! Zod wasn't gonna stop! Killing him was the only way!
And it's not like after he killed him he pissed on his body. No! he stepped back and yelled in pain and rage.
It's not any worse than Batman killing Two-Face in The Dark Knight because that DID happen.
Anyway the action was great, story telling was great,
The romance between Clark and Lois Lane was fine, Michael Shannon killed it as Zod and I will say that this is the best Superman movie we've gotten so far an I will take that to the grave becuase... Man of Steel is...
Worth Full Price (89%)
So lemme know what you think. Politley.
#manofsteel #zacksnyder #superman #loislane #henrycavill #amyadams #generalzod #michaelshannon #zod #kevincostner #russellcrowe #pakent #jorel #kalel

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