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Video Francis
  •   jakejarous Wow sick 2y
  •   sneakerslut23 Ah you fucking whore. I have been looking for so long can't find a pair even close to my size @heatcopper sense you won't chop one send it my way 2y
  •   francis313 @sneakerslut23 hahaha I've been called a lot.. But a whore? Yeah that's a first... Lol 2y
  •   polou Great collection wow still searching for these nice 1y
  •   francis313 @polou thanks man appreciate it, u got a great collection also. 1y
  •   polou Thankz still quite a few id like to add CLOTS #1 r they as great in hand as they look in pictures 1y
  •   francis313 @polou yeah clots are definitely one of the best forces if not the best air forces made. 1y

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