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davislb423 Built a pair of sliding gloves today for longboarding. #longboard #goride #pushdontpollute #landyachtz #sector9 #hempstar #Chattanooga #diy #homemade #L2 #LRG 3d
  •   jellyskateboards Thanks! 3d
  •   cutterb1 What did u use? @davislb423 3d
  •   davislb423 Man it was like some weird ass pucks I just found up in the attic but they work perfectly on the 'phalt man! 3d
  •   davislb423 Go watch my most recent video and check em out in action @cutterb1 3d
  •   cutterb1 No shit? Hell yea man I made some out of some cutting board a while back Lol they worked pretty bomb @davislb423 3d
  •   davislb423 Yeah that's what I was gonna use man but I ended up finding these pucks before I went and fucked a cutting board up haha. @cutterb1 3d
  •   cutterb1 Hahaha nice I just went straight to fucking shit up Lol 2d

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