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jrdngmz in the world, but not of it. #faroutthere #austin #texas 4y
  •   jrdngmz @micky_beaves yessir, I do. these are all from the last two months I spent down in Texas checkin in on the far out crew. hope you're well señor! 4y
  •   jrdngmz @carkmollins it's the collective term for my good brothers down in Austin. they own (and live at) "far out home fittings" on south Lamar. real stand up guys if you ask me. 4y
  •   jrdngmz @carkmollins hey, thanks! they are a wild bunch to say the least. never a dull moment... 4y
  •   mickey_beaves @jrdngmz thanks man I am well! Hope you are well too. I need a place in early September, got a spot? 4y
  •   mickey_beaves @jrdngmz place to stay for a few days* lol 4y
  •   jrdngmz @micky_beaves if you just need a couch to crash on for a few, consider it done. if your lookin for a room to move in to, I'll def ask around. somebody always needs a roommate up here. 4y
  •   mickey_beaves @jrdngmz yeah I meant a couch to crash. Thanks man! I'll hit you up around then about it. It will be like from sept 8-12. 4y
  •   jrdngmz @micky_beaves you got it brother. 4y

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