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bobramsak Atahualpa on a Bus, Quito

Atahualpa, the last emperor of the Inca Empire, was very much a Quiteño. His father, the Inca Huayna Capac, was from Tomebamba to the south; his mother, the princess Pacha Duchicela, from Caranqui, to the north. By most accounts Atahualpa was born in Quito. His palace ruins lie deep beneath the Church of San Francisco and its eponymous square.

When he accepted Francisco Pizarro’s invitation to a feast in his honor in the small Peruvian Incan town of Cajamarca, he was ambushed upon arrival and imprisoned, his men slaughtered. Appealing to the Spaniards’ greed, Atahualpa offered a room full of gold and silver in exchange for his release. Pizarro agreed, only to have him executed after the ransom, the largest ever demanded, was received. That was August 29, 1533, effectively marking the end of the Inca Empire and the birth of European colonization in South America.

Atahualpa’s 514th birthday was celebrated on 20 March 2015. The buses were full.

Quito, 07-Mar-2015

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zesty_chaos Hot chip.
If you've not yet checked out this year's Hidden Door, then GET YOSELF DOWN THUR, FOOL! Heaps of talented artists to drool over, and also some pretty sexy chipboard, if you're in to that sort of thing.... #unintentionalart #chipboard #graffiti #fromthestreets #tagged #hookedondiagonals #artfestival #urbanromatix #wallfilth #filthyfacades #wallswallswalls #nothingisordinary #nothingisordinary_ #edinburgh #igersedinburgh #igersedi #instascotland #scotland #badpun
  •   _jamiebaker Ah, I fitted that bolt & erm 'handle' 12h
  •   zesty_chaos Nice work @_jamiebaker!! Definitely photo worthy 😀 12h
  •   _jamiebaker You may have also noticed my 'shelf and cover thing to stop rain getting in the box office' and the excellent fitting of the pithily named 'big bits framework with glass wool in to stop noise (music) getting out over the shutter door' though I note no pictures... 8h
  •   zesty_chaos @_jamiebaker those ones are for my private collection, definitely not public consumption 8h

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