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Normal Butterflae Effect
dzyadzorm She always thought she’d been doing it wrong since she never got the hang of praying for long
She thinks that’s why her blessings don’t seem to last.
She can’t help but feel like a gift someone asked for last night but realized they didn’t need by morning
Now she’s left unclaimed like a letter lost in the ‘return to sender’ fold without a return address.
When you ask how she’s doing she says “I’m fine” and tags it with a smile
Did you know she’s been bribing her lips with pieces of her soul?
That her strength dangles almost lifelessly in the balance?
Do you see past her clear eyes and foundation long enough to know it’s just not acne she’s trying to hide?
She prayed before she slept that she wouldn’t have to wake up to another colourless sunrise
That yesterday should be the end.
It’s not surprise to her that another prayer should go unanswered.

#Colourless after @poetra_asantewa's #Colourful
#Life #Woman #Prayer #Lost
#FreeVerses #InstaPoetry #Poetry #PicturePoetry #WriteSomething #WriteEveryday
#Dzyadzorm #ButterflaeEffect #EVA

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Unknown Nadeeka Athukorala -Sri Lanka
galleryofnadzee What made four leaves clove lucky?
Of course the uniqueness!
Be unique then others will call you lucky.. But truely you are not,
You are not lucky but you're successful for being unique among millions of ordinary common people.
~Nadeeka Athukorala~
#cloves #luck #freeverses #dews #green #nature #naturelovers

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Lo-fi Nadeeka Athukorala -Sri Lanka
galleryofnadzee In the end,
Everything which was beautifull will no longer surround by you..
Everyone who used to be around will not be around you.. but,
The End will come for sure..
We might be aware about it.. !
#theEnd #death #end #nothingispermanent #rose #wilted #rosepetles #freeverses

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4mon ayevacio91
Normal Yunghonii °Fr3aʞkGoD 613:316°
ayevacio91 #Follow me on #Youtube @studnerd1015 aka @YungHonii. °#TheWerʞkr3wCo#kaʞiin $$$ I got money in the banq. Females want me all day but i aint about that stank. My homie John says they love to beef it out. But i stay loyal like a girl scout. My eyes are red like the sherly temple drink. The blood runs deep in the blue sea. I mark my territory with a fee. People swear they gonna get off for free. I open my eyes and see a new light. Take my concious to a new height. im tired of playin these games they really hurt. I find myself stung and heavily burnt. I saw it coming but i never stopped it. Now i gotta fix my mistakes and all of the bullshit. Fuck all the haters cause they askin to get hit. Rub me the wrong way and youll get dealt wit. Smack a home run call it a babe ruth. Come out the stadium with a missing tooth. 4mon

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underhand_papi Found this in my old report and it was highlighted but I don't remember it. #poem #poetry #image #freeverses #notes #quotes 4mon

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4mon ayevacio91
Normal Yunghonii °Fr3aʞkGoD 613:316°
ayevacio91 °#TheWerʞkr3wCo X Twerk Mami Twerk ! #TMT #twerkmamitwerk #banger #newsong #song #music #rap #twerkin #mami #trap #parentaladvisory #freestyle #verses #freeverses #signs $$$$ twerk mami twerk $$$$ ♬♪♩ Maybe out later today :) ??? 4mon

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jgoliver322 #Poem #ItDoesntMatter #Poet #JGOliver #Jayson #Oliver #Relative
#Freeverses #Relieving
"It doesn't matter"

It doesn't matter...
That I got last in a competition
Of sanguine value.

It doesn't matter...
That I grew differently when you
Wanted, same.

It doesn't matter...
Being glared with eyes of dissapointment
Even it was I who grew this way.

It doesn't matter...
That you blessed everyone
And in my turn you stutter
With irony.

It doesn't matter...
Because I created a fort
To defend myself againts
Someone who didn't even existed
To extend the arm.

It doesn't matter...
All the things a boy endured
Inventing smiles at such
Young phase, to try and
Appeal to someone who never

It doesn't matter...
That I changed unrecognizable
Wanting to be drawn
With another pencil.

It doesn't matter...
That you only helped them
And left me to stand alone
As I'm still not tired of walking
The long road.

It doesn't matter...
That I was unloyal to your attempts of
Authority, when I decided to make
My own laws.

It doesn't matter...
In the end they'll all be gone,
I will always be grateful
To the 'someone' who was
Never there. (Spite is like a thorn, always
Stinging to let know it is
Still there, it is now a matter of relieving
The latch of remorse and setting
Free the words that for so long
Wanted to come out.)

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Normal Meraki Poet
jgoliver322 #Poem #Neveralone #Poet #JGOliver #Solace
#Alone #Self #Company #Betterthatway #Poets #Poems #Poetry #Freeverses
Never alone'

No, never.
As long as light creates my shadow.
I'm not, as long as I can see colors.
I'm not alone, as long as I have
A tree in my back yard.

Solitude is an invented word
To categorize a feeling
And as long as I can feel
I'm not alone.

As long as I can write,
the letters will keep me company,
Those memoirs linger and therefor
I'm never by myself.

Alone... not as long as I can
Open my windows every night
And watch the moon.
Not as long as I have a voice
To sing tales
Not even fables are alone,
For there is someone listening.

Even if you think you are
Just remember one thing;
You have the commodity
To be 'with' yourself.
  •   jgoliver322 This just made me smile, love your comment. 6mon

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allmypeopledeeper Virginia..."Let's Get It In 2014"!!!
Email tracks to dream.deeper@gmail.com and your track will be returned w/ a Deeper verse in LESS than 13 Days!!!!

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Video Yahtzee Productions
mr_meredith "Rise & Rhyme"
Gm Everybody!!
Im About To Record An Original Track Possibly For My Upcoming Album In 2014.

Im Taking My Spot

Download "The Outlet 2"

#mrmeredith #theoulet2 #yahtzeeproductions #kalombomedia #datpiff #mixtape #music #rap #hiphop #freeverses #working

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