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ct.thefangirl Hey guys it @ct_forever_ and this is my back up just in case.
I will probably post here once or twice a week but it will be the same edits I have on my account now soo yeah.

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divergent.s Sky's Perspective:
I brush the gravel off my long abnegation dress. I grin at Maddie. We follow the initiates to a large whole in the building. "Who's going to jump?" The attractive leader said. Everyone started jumping at him. "Me!" "No, me!" Everyone was doing this because they wanted to be like Tris. She was one of the top initiates. I was too scared, so I don't say anything. The leader scans me and says "Stiff. You jump." I walked up and stepped up to the platform. The leader looks at me. I brushed myself up as my brown abnegation bun blew in the wind. I jumped down and landed on a net. A short, muscular guy helped me down. "Thanks" I said. Next came maddie. She laughed when she got down. I smiled and we walked over to the person that helped us down. "You know, I can't be mean to you anymore. You're no longer a stiff" I sigh with relief. After the tour, the leader takes us into the rooms. The bathrooms didn't have stalls or anything. "Get dressed" the leader said. I picked up a pair of black pants and a black tabletop with some strapped combat boots. I put them on in a corner, feeling awkward changing in front of boys. I pull my long brown hair into a ponytail and walk out of the bathroom. I realized that initiation was different this year. We learned about how dauntless used to be in school, how transfers and dauntless born split up. I'm actually kind of glad we didn't split up because there was a really cute guy there. He was the one who I sat next to in the ceremony. After a long day of touring, I see a bunch of people going out. They were all hanging by the chasm getting drunk. Even maddie. She walks up to me. "Wanna play dare?" She asks. "Sure", I said, laughing. Drunk Maddie was a lot nicer than normal Maddie. The cute boy from the ceremony stood up and explained the rules. "It's basically truth or dare without the truth" he says. "Before you do your dare, you take a drink so it hurts less" the drunk crowd laughs. "Let's begin!" #books #music #tfios #divergent #insurgent #allegiant #amity #dauntless #candor #abnegation #erudite #factionless #faction #thg #thehungergames #catchingfire #mockingjay #mockingjaypart1 #mockingjaypart2 #mazerunner #deathcure
  •   divergent.s Btw tabletop is supposed to be tank top 14min

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runningwiththedauntless I was tagged for this a while ago but never got around to it, so here are 20 facts about me.

1.) My name is Cara
2.) I'm an 8th grader
3.) I play softball
4.) I love writing
5.) I barely watch TV
6.) I'm bisexual and motherfuckin' proud!
7.) I love Supernatural
8.) I have 23 cousins on my moms side and 2 on my dads
9.) I'm have two sisters, I'm the middle child
10.) I love rock music
11.) @youtuberhuggs and @dam_fandom are my squad
12.) I'm a Capricorn
13.) I play guitar
14.) I also play the trumpet
15.) I'm very aggressive
16.) My first true OTP was Fourtris
17.) My favorite subject is English
18.) I might move to North Carolina in the summer
19.) Tyler Oakley is my spirit animal
20.) I think tattoos are awesome

#divergent #dauntlesscake #dauntless #candor #amity #abnegation #erudite #sheo #fourtris #trisprior #tobiaseaton #calebprior #shailenewoodley #theojames #anselelgort #insurgent #allegiant

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Normal ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Multifandom
dauntlessweasleys Edit for #FandomsUnitedEdits3! [I used the black border around the picture as the frame, hope that counts]

Guys it's already March like how? Where is our time going? It's kind of driving me crazy. •
#divergent #insurgent #allegiant #thedivergentseries #trisprior #beatriceprior #dauntless#abnegation #candor #erudite #amity #tobiaseaton #fourtris #jeaninematthews
  •   youmadeusproud Ikr !! Like omg & i didnt even know yesterday was leap day cx 36min

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trisandfour64 Tobias: Sleep. I'll fight the bad dreams off if they come to get you.

Tris: With what?

Tobias: My bare hands, obviously.

Insurgent (pg. 50)
#divergentseries #divergentfandom #divergent #insurgent #allegiant #four #tris #fourtris #fourandsix #tobias #tobiaseaton #beatriceprior #trisprior #shailenewoodley #theojames #veronicaroth #factions #dauntless #amity #abnegation #erudite #candor #fandoms #thefeels

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