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sule.mehmet.ati.ejo Pazartesi Sendrom#Brunch#Bol Muhabbet#Esom 12h

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melissabntz Some of the most aws#esom girls in the i know i love them so much so it you brake thir heart i'll brake your face 👭 3d

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Normal Who Dat Entertainment LLC.
whodatent It's going down,the biggest female Hiphop show/ Live Arts BATTLE ...
Come on out and watch these ladies do they thing From #Philly2Ny #whodatent #ESOM ・・・
April 11th. Its gonna be an f'in movie.

#LivePerformances from


Need plans? There it go.
Won't be a spot rocking harder in #NYC

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datroopa S/o to @whodatent for the photo shoot Hair by: @edgy_edgezzz_1 make up by :Mac Styled by: 1FlyBish Ps. April 11th im out NewYork,NY #ESOM ladies addition starring myself @datroopa Asia Sparks @Sparklegirla(philly) @angierosemusik & @svpremeink (NY) from 9-till *OPEN BAR ALL NIGHT* #GoodAfternoon 3d

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Normal Funda Özdemiroğlu
empatireceli Sanki o 25 sene geçmemiş biz ortaokul servisinde geyik muhabbetindeyiz 4d

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Normal Xavier Wolfgang Von Fate
xavierfate Honestly, seeing this.. Absolutely made my night. There is no us, without people like this guy. And I whole heartedly agree with my tag partners comment, below.
#Repost @ericemanon
Seeing that I was tagged in this after a long night of training made my night. Nothing is more important than the fans. Without you, there is no us. Thank you a thousand times over. If you've come to a show, bought some merch, shook my hand and talked to me about my match or even asked for an autograph. You are the reason we live our dreams and love our jobs. This is why I do it.

Thank you.
#IndyCardMafia #EmanonStateOfMind #TheTakeover #StrongStyleBrand #ESOM #IndependentWrestling #ProWrestling #Wrestling

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4d _x_i_v_
Normal . . The Cool Guys Are Dead (c)
_x_i_v_ @IndividualEmpire is proud to Present... Empire State Of Mind #ESOM “Do It For The Ladies Edition”
On April 11th!
It's Gonna BE A Fucking MOVIE!


10 performers will be selected to perform for the #OpenMic portion. The winner receives a full, paid set at next month’s showcase. (I can’t do my thing too!? DOPE)

AND... There will be a Live #ArtBattle Between:


Karma Angelina

Yazmyn Skinner

Miss Zukie!

All of the one of a kind pieces created during the night will be silently auctioned off that evening.
(I can leave with some of that heat!? FIRE.) AND?? Blazing the Stage this month We Have:

Da Troopa

Angie Rose

Svpreme Ink

Asia Spark
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPvRxZh1bQQ (OMG!!!!) AND??? #OPENBAR ALL NIGHT!!!!
Sponsored By Bacadi @Bacardiusa

Hosted by CEEZ LIIVE!! @ceezagram & Of Course DJ Flip Bundles @djflipbundle On The Set All Night!
Located At The Purfek Storm Group Studios @PurfekStorm - 11 Broadway, New York, NY 10004 *ALL DETAILS ON FLYER **Half of the proceeds of the night will help fund Bars 4 Brains, a hip hop pedagogy program we're starting in the fall!** This is the kind of shyt, all your people’s tell you about the day after that’s makes you go
“Damn, i’m tight. I shoulda went!” You goin’ be tight?
or you goin TURN UP with Individual Empire?



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diisikanaryaa35 Hayat benim için ÖNEMSEDİKLERİM ve diğerlerinden ibaret :)) 4d

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isaiaham86 Lmaoooo
Can't expect EVERYONE to be a fan! It's all #Wavy tho
Ayo y'all be taking criticism TOOO serious like #bruh.... let that shit roll off ya shoulders and hit the ground
To everyone reading this I want you to check out the link to my song in my Bio and gimmie ya honest feedback believe me...... I'll be OK!
#itsnothin #vikinglife #esom #MTV #mtvhits #bet #MusicChoice #mtvjams #wshh #datpiff

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jcs5239 Hard work pays off I guess. Been working out three hours a day seven days a week for ten weeks. Bench max has gone from repping 170 twice to being able to rep 275 three times. Squat max from 275 repping twice to 340 twice. Body weight went from 160 to 188. Getting sexy for bae @annajolinaa #WIACBP #AddictedToPain #IEarnMyBody #IronAddiction #LookGoodNaked #ESOM #ReadyToHit315 #AddictedToResults #BodyBuilding #Workout #TrainDirty #TunnelVision #ThePainKeepsMeSane 5d

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jcs5239 I need it today more than ever. I'll be spending a lot longer there today. #TunnelVision #ESOM #OnlyLookForward #FocusOnWhatsAhead #PushPastThePain #LifeSucksSometimes #ReleaseNegativeEnergy #Therapy 6d

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