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theellenshow My friend Dave Matthews and I worked on a song before the show. #ellenseason10 #DaveMatthewsonEllen 3y
  •   faerie23 @jenhubbs306 two different days, I think. I watched DMB segment on YouTube. No PP... 3y
  •   13lellab Dave Matthews  (swoon) and Ellen's just chilling with him on the couch!! 3y
  •   hugedork Years ago I was mugged at gunpoint while walking home. The robber asked for my diskman (yes, that long ago) In my state of shock, I bartered with the gunman and he let me keep my Dave Matthews CD. True story. :) love his music. 3y
  •   mlourenz If i hear his name I think about the grobe of chris matthews 3y
  •   jj.3508 I love Dave Matthews and you! 3y
  •   abigail_loren You should have hunter hayes and me on your show as guest stars... Just a suggestion @theellenshow 3y
  •   ashannnon Can u bring @justinbieber on the show and can I be on ur show to I really badly want to see justin beiber and see u 2y

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