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redwoodbusdriver Re-gram from @atcpeter .. It was great to put a face to a familiar SFO ATC voice last week! Thx Instagram! #virginamerica #sfoatc #viewfromthefront #dcasfo 9mon
  •   jenatczid @redwoodbusdriver crappy WX or I would have been able to say hi o. The frequency. 9mon
  •   asq__ Sweet! CTI grad here still waiting four years later to be picked up. 9mon
  •   redwoodbusdriver @jenatczid We got your message and passed it along, cheers!! We asked for DCT SFO but.... 9mon
  •   jenatczid Haha huge T-storms got in the way. I would of given you guys a shortcut 9mon
  •   aviator27j I was at ZHU but training is a mess in the FAA. @asq__ I wouldn't be in any hurry! 9mon

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