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  •   k_spayd23 Who in the world would leave rude comments?! People are ridiculous, Jaydee. *smh* 1d
  •   nailsbyjaydee @k_spayd23 I've had people leave rude comments about my nieces nails before. She's 8 I don't understand why people are so rude and mean. 1d
  •   k_spayd23 That's just ridiculous. Leave the little girl alone. Seriously. And you do amazing work. They only wish they could be as great at somethings as you are at nails/nail art. 1d
  •   k_spayd23 By the way, tell her her nails look beautiful!! 1d
  •   nailsbyjaydee @k_spayd23 thank you hun and I will 21h

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